Mine Label

August 28, 2013

I love when I get to see the final outcome of my photo shoots and I am particularly happy with the final product of MINE Label bags.  A few months ago we got together in my studio with their samples and went to town styling and creating sets to showcase their bags.  Well, their website just launched and the fruits of our labors are up.

I particularly love this installation we created and how they incorporated it for their home page.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 12.41.08 PM

Product shots.  Inside each Made in the USA bag, is an inspirational quote.  I really wanted the photo shoot to reflect their organic, natural feel.  They are the prefect totes for the gym, the grocery store, even to just have in your car for all those unexpected times when you need another bag.

balance bag with stripe original quote

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Perfectly perfect.

March 12, 2013

I have become a bit of a Monica, organized neat freak in my adulthood.  A fact that makes my mother laugh to no end, since as a child I defined cleaning my room as shoving everything into my closet. Volià room clean!  But not any more. Unorganized drawers and closets stress me out to no end, not to mention make it impossible to find anything.  So my goal this past weekend was to organize…Let’s just say there is going to have to be a part II to this blog post.  I was able to tackle the bathroom medicine cabinets, but that was about it.  I spent much better use of my time by going to the Children’s Museum, waking in the park and finally watching Argo.  So this spring organization post it to be continued…

Here are some “before” pics of my super messy jewelry and accessory drawers.



Here are some of my dream, uber organized spaces.  Hoping to inspire me for some more spring cleaning this weekend.


(Clockwise: The Galamori, The Galamori, Jenna Lyons home for Domino, Lonny, Lonny.)


November 9, 2012

Sorry for the week long blogging silence.  I have been busy with all sorts of things, but truth is I cannot bring myself to work on another post until this blog gets a little face lift.  I kept telling myself I update the blog look when finally launched my website, but I think I need a little kick in the creative pants.  The amazing Jessica Sutton is working on the perk I need right now, so by Monday I will be all refreshed and inspired to blog away.  I am also in Washington DC for the weekend to do a photo shoot, see my darling nephew (just 2 days younger than my bébé) and have a long awaited girls spa day and night out with a dear dear friend of mine.  So have a wonderful weekend!

View from my room at The W, Washington DC.

What may seem like a straight forward photo shoot…i.e. photographing the interior of a home…has a ba-gillion different moving parts to consider: lighting, gear, people, no people, not to mention styling.  Nobody lives in a photo ready home, so a little styling and arranging is always in need.  Here is a little behind the scenes shot of our photo shoot last week.

(Oh and not to mention last minute having to take bébé with us, hence the stroller and diaper bag.  Thank goodness my client was also a close friend otherwise super intern Jacalyn would have had to stay at home babysitting on her last day.)

Glossy Streets

November 10, 2010

With the colors of fall also comes rain, and despite being a downer for daily activities, rain makes for some really beautiful night photography…That and it always reminds me of Paris.  (sigh)  I have been busy with some fun (and a little crazy) projects this fall and have not had a chance to walk around and photograph much but here are some previous shots I have.  Hope to grab more this weekend.

Paris – Fall 2009


Boston – Spring 2010



Savannah – Winter 2010


Construction Zone

November 9, 2010

Am off to a cool construction photo shoot tonight and was pulling some vintage images for inspiration.  I want to capture that whole “quest to build America” feel; very 1940’s skyscraper, tall bridges, super hero stuff.



Boston – 2010

photo by me

Fruits and Nails

May 2, 2010

Yesterday I spent the afternoon shooting a nail/beauty shoot for New Brahmin and I am am so excited about how they turned out!  I am downloading and editing them now for publication tomorrow on the New Brahmin website, so stay tuned, but for now here is a little tease.

Fruit buffet – I shoot each nail design with a different fruit to complement and contrast the colors.  The fruit looked so vibrant next to all the crazy nail designs and made for the perfect tasty snack once to shoot was finish.

Jessica’s wheaten terrier, Oscar, was an adorable help.


Have a great Sunday.

Summer dreaming

April 28, 2010

Just dreaming of those warm summer nights on this chilly, rainy Boston spring day.



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