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February 4, 2014

Over the years writing this this blog (since Dec ’08, can you believe it) I have come to collect a whole category of winter posts.  Inspiration, self preservation, call it what you will, I keep trying to Pollyanna the winters here in my new home.  Winter in the country is really the best.  Nature shines and sparkles, but winter in the city can get gray and gross fast.  It’s hard to find beauty in dirty sidewalks and salt on your gorgeous leather boots you bought in September, but yesterday I found myself caught (totally unprepared…guess I should read the weather prediction) down at my studio and found those first few hours of a snow covered city quiet and lovely.  These images aren’t particularly overwhelming or amazing.  Just a quite winter Monday in February.  Christmas is long gone, but spring is not yet here.  Quietly waiting.

Someone who always make winter look chic is the Bersa Boutique blog.  Located on a small island off of Sweden her images of life and her shop are very clean, very country, very Swedish.  I always pop over to her blog to see how lovely winter can be…even if I can’ read it.

FortPointFeb2014-1 FortPointFeb2014-2

This weekend the hubs and I left the toddler with grammy and grampy and headed up to beautiful Vermont for a weekend getaway.  It is so important, especially once children enter the picture, to spend time with just your spouse.  No other couples, parties, commitments, just some alone time to catch up on each others lives.  We visited Woodstock, VT a few years ago and just fell in love with it, and the Blue Horse Inn.  Here are my posts from a few years back.  The Inn is run by a former Georgia girl and fabulous cook Keri Cole.  The place is cozy, comfortable and did I mention the food?!?!  Our two breakfasts there consisted of a gruyere cheese egg soufflé, lemon ricotta pancakes (gluten free for me), some amazing apple crumble coffee cake (again gluten free) and french pressed coffee.  I could get use to that treatment, although my waistline may disagree.

Our weekend was spent taking scenic drives to find a snowshoe trail (no downhill skiing for this pregnant lady this year), napping, talking and oh, did I mention the eating.  Woodstock reminds me a lot of Boulder, CO in that the place is a foodie town.  Shops and restaurants pride themselves in serving local sourced food of the best quality.  It was a great weekend.  Now off to order a salad for lunch.

We got lost looking for a snowshoe trail, but the drive was half the fun.


Keri recommended The Worthy Kitchen for dinner and the food was fabulous.  You just have to get down their ordering system.  I think you have to order up at the bar and then take a table…I can’t say I totally know it, so just walk in and ask. Definitely a local place but they are so kind and the food is sooooooooo good.

VermontWinter2014-2 VermontWinter2014-3

On our way out of town we stopped by the Woodstock Farmers Market to stock up on some weekly items and a few local treats.  Cheese and syrup galore.


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Monday morning is here with a bang.  At least the arctic temperatures have subsisted for at one day.

Snow Day

January 23, 2014

We got another round of snow yesterday, although not too bad, just 3-4 inches (oh God I sound like a New Englander now!), but there was worry it would be much more so schools and appointments were canceled, and that meant we had an official snow day!  My first as a mom with a little one in school.  Pre-school mind you, but still.  We stayed in our PJ’s all morning, watched The Little Mermaid, and I had a dear old friend come and visit for a late lunch while the little one napped.  It actually turned out to be quite a wonderful, rejuvenating day, creatively and family wise.  I even had a chance to pop out with my camera.  Two New Years’ resolutions realized in one day…spend more quality time with my daughter and get inspired creatively.  Thanks Beyond Boston Chic for the conversation and inspiration.  xoxo

Succulents make great winter flowers.  Hard to kill and have the crisp clean feel of winter.IMG_6638IMG_6634

 IMG_6624 IMG_6628

View from my kitchen windowIMG_6629

Winter light


So what does one wear in single digit temperature? Asks this Georgia girl.  Turns out New Englanders (at least Bostonians) are just as trumped as I am.  I see people walking around the city in nothing but a hoodie sweat shirt with hands in their pockets.  What?!?!  Silly college kids.  Add to the conundrum, being pregnant and wanting some sort of style.  Plus getting a toddler ready for school when she would much rather stay snuggled in our bed.  I can’t blame her but it feel like each morning I have to make about 400 decisions before 8:30 am.  Ugh.  So I am spent some time snooping around Pinterest in the hopes of compiling an inspiration board of winter style.

Throw on an extra coat layer, gloves, hat, and scarf and most of these looks could translate to this new ice age.  (Oh and minus all the cute heals.  Heals, ice and pregnant ladies are not a good combo.  I promised the hubby.)  I also noticed a theme in my picks: black, white, camel, gray and stripes.  How Parisian, simple of me…or so I like to think.




Elle McPherson (source: help)


@alyson_haley twitter


Atlantic Pacific







Sea of Shoes

_Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons, NYMag, The Cut

Winter stillness

January 7, 2014

As the polar vortex descends upon most of the US I am reminded how quiet and rejuvenating winter can be – if you let.  A Pollyanna approach to single digit temperatures I know, but there is something about winter light I love.  The long shadows.  The blue tinted light.  It all seems so precious and fleeting.



SeaIslandWinter2014-2 SeaIslandWinter2014-3  SeaIslandWinter2014-5  SeaIslandWinter2014-6


As I type we are getting pummeled with another snow storm.  It has been snowing non stop since 7 am yesterday morning and it is STILL COMING! So what is a girl to do?  Take a snow day and enjoy, I guess.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I hope after this snow, spring decides to arrive.




The Berkshires

March 4, 2013

This weekend the hubs and I took a much needed retreat to the lovely Berkshire Mountains.  At only a two hour drive away, I cannot believe we have not escaped to there sooner.  The hills and mountains were peaceful and quiet, and still very much engulfed in the depths of winter with a gray scale to rival any Platinum print.  I loved it.  Unfortunately, after an amazing but crazy  day on Friday, I left my SLR in the studio so my iPhone had to suffice in helping me capture some shots to add to my inspiration file/Instagram.

So quiet.


We stayed at the Cranwell, an old mansion turned resort.

Part Downton Abby

Photo Mar 02, 2 08 23 PM

Part Caddy Shack

Photo Mar 02, 3 17 14 PM

We enjoyed a long breakfast, complete with Sunday paper and loads of coffee refills.


On our drive back home on Sunday we popped into the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, MA.  The Ren Lion Inn is Americana at it’s best with Victorian bric a brac, lace doilies, and all the finest “Grandma’s house” decor lining every surface.  I don’t think a thing has changed here since 1880.  Now I am am much more of a minimalist but this place was practically a museum.  P.S. I kind of really want this kitty painting.IMG_8539

Seriously, there is this whole “Lincoln” thing right now.  The Red Lion is on top of the trend. IMG_8540

Has me constantly thinking this… “Lincoln. He’s so hot right now. Lincoln.”

Old timey bar with yummy Bloody Mary’s



And a gift shop to rule them all. Tchotchke items galore.


Snow drops

February 25, 2013

We had a weekend of rain/snow mix, which has me hopeful winter is slowly melting into Spring.  You know you are becoming a real New Englander when 40˚ weather gets you giddy and feels almost balmy…almost…



IMG_2940 IMG_2924

Here are also some photos from the big blizzard a few weeks ago.  My poor smashed laptop delayed my posting of these.  Thankfully my computer is all fixed and the massive amounts of snow in these photos is now relegated to plowed piles.

IMG_1889  IMG_1910IMG_1945 IMG_1915


Embrace the cold

February 21, 2013

The days are getting longer and the nights shorter. The promise of Spring is hopeful on the calender with March just a week away, but if my 3 1/2 short years in New England have taught me anything, it is that “its not over yet.” So in order to embrace the cold and last weeks of winter I searched around for some winter inspiration.

Photo by Spkaark8162a285ba33c4cf8cdff959795b882b

Still sourcing photo 1e8e0bf2899b426f6600afbd67540f6e

Photo by Lee RentzLee Rentz

Photos by Berså db78761d73f0a4902590ced5852b8164




Photo by Bersa


Winter light

January 29, 2013

When the cold temperatures hit I sometimes find myself wishing for the sun and warmth so much, I forget to realize how beautiful winter can be.  Striped of their leaves, trees become almost like sculptures and snow covered ground reflects the light in hues of cool blues and purples.  This past weekend we headed up to Maine for a little winter wonderland weekend.  The days are even shorter up there as the coastline creeps eastward, but the low sun and quite forest are spectacular.  Bébé (almost 1 year old now and not so “bébé) loved my sister’s big sweet dog and being pulled around in her sled on the crunchy snow.  I need to remember to enjoy winter for what it is and not wish it away for spring.






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