Blue Horse Inn

February 28, 2011

For our winter wonderland weekend in Vermont, we choose to stay at the Blue Horse Inn.  I had heard about the inn from my blog-o-world friend Martini from Beyond Boston Chic a few months ago and have been dying to go.  Between the  awesome logo, the large king beds, and the fact that one of the owners is a fellow former Georgia girl, I was sold.


Cobalt blue with white silhouette of colonial rider…yes please






I was totally taken by the wood work and details of the old inn.



That Sunday evening the inn held a wine tasting complete with parings of fabulous hors d’oeuvres.


They had many Austrian wines and I was quite surprised how much I enjoyed them.  Austria isn’t a place that screams wine country to me (and my very limited knowledge of wine), but I love them just as much at the French, Italian and California wines in which I am more familiar.


Best of all the inn is pet friendly.  This adorable 5 month old husky, Tenakee, belongs to inn employee Jess and came to work with her each day.


I can’t wait to plan a spring/summer trip.  The inn was full our weekend and I am dying to see and photograph some of the other rooms and suites.  I also can’t wait to see how the winter wonderland of Vermont transforms into the lush green of summer.


P.S. Here is the awesome snow angel Steve left in the front yard…a parting gift if you will.

Photo by Kari from Blue Horse Inn


Winter Wonderland Weekend

February 23, 2011

Our weekend in Vermont last weekend, was a blissful and peaceful as I had hoped it would be.  The rolling hills and mountains, the clean country air, the darling town of Woodstock; it all just makes me want to run away, by a little farm and raise chickens or something.


Vermont State of Mind



Local bakery and coffee shop

Because as Liz Lemon would say it’s “all about fair trade and local artisans and staying green.” (Steve and I could not stop saying this all weekend :))



We skied, we snowmobiled, and drove the little back country roads.


My little Georgia Jeep did surprisingly well.


We of course made sure to spend some time by the fire with a glass or two of wine.



I have so many more photographs from the darling Blue Horse Inn, which I am still editing.  More Vermont tomorrow or Friday, but for now…

See you soon Vermont.

Cashiers Designer Showhouse

September 8, 2009

Long time no blog, but I promise to get better.

A few weeks ago my fiancé met me down in Atlanta to help drive Lady Liberty (my Jeep) up to Boston.  After 20+ hours of driving, mostly by him, my move to New England was complete!

We had the great fortune of combining the drive with a stop over in gorgeous Cashiers, NC to attend the Cashiers Designer Showhouse opening party with my parents.  I wish I had a better camera on me that night, because it was the most exquisite party I have ever attended, but the iPhone served me well.  The house decorated and showcased was the THE NANCY HANKS HOUSE, in Cashiers, North Carolina, and designers from Atlanta, Ashville and beyond contributed their designs and visions.  The party and showhouse ticket sales go to benefit the Cashiers Historical Society.

(My mom swiped my program so I apologise sincerely that I am not able to give proper credit to the designers.)

The Nancy Hanks House

Picture 5(2)

This little sitting area was gorgeous with the black and white block rug, simply stacked books, traditional chair and sofa, and fun modern art.



I just love these two whimsical table settings.  Like a cabinet of curiosities or botany study.  Elegant indoors and out.




Scenes from the party.

Wish I had taken more, because it was fabulous.  The band, Anita, played late into the evening, whom we were particularly excited to see play as they  will be playing at our wedding in less than three weeks!  They were amazingly fun and extremely talented



I’ll leave you with more North Carolina scenes, courtesy of my fiancé

White Mountain (Love the beer bottle:) )


Chimney Top and 18th hole


And as we approached Boston via I-90 a full rainbow appeared in the sky…Oh, Boston you’re my home…



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