Little Treasures

July 19, 2010

I am busy editing my 100+ photos from Brimfiled.  As a first time visitor, the place was sensory overload.  There were so many little gems…also a lot of junk, and the challenge of distinguising between the two.  Luckily my friend and interior design maven, Erin Gates, knew her stuff.  She perused row after row of vendor like a pro.  As I soaked it all in, and snapped away.  Check out her post, part I, about the trip here.  I didn’t plan on buying anything big, but I did want to bring home a few little treasures of my own.  I was loving all the 50’s and 60’s vintage jewelry and after a little at home jewelry cleaner they really polished up.

Lucite bangle – very 60’s modern


Faux Ivory bangle with brass clasps – Bohemian cool


Cool multi-stone cocktail ring – such interesting design and details


More Brimfield photos tomorrow.  Happy Monday.

Brimfield Bound

July 16, 2010

Today I am off to Brimfield!  Hurrah!  The always awesome Elements of Style is taking along this rookie and I couldn’t be more excited.  Check out her post about  her trip two years ago here.  I have of course been planning my outfit all week.  It needs to be functional of all the antiquing and photo taking, yet hip.  Like all those impossible chic festival goers you see featured over on  I’ll take a boat load of photos and share then upon my return.  Until then have a wonderful weekend.

I just love this photo of Carly Simon.

I fell in love with these Miu Miu ballet flats months ago when I first saw them over on Judy Aldridge’s Atlantis Home blog, not really thinking that they would ever make their way into my closet.  Well, a few weeks ago I popped into Neiman Marcus for some make-up and realized their Last Call sale was in process.  I walked over to the shoe department and browsed the sale rack on the off chance that these little gems might be there…and there they were…in my size…for a RIDICULOUS mark down!!!!  We are talking ridiculous!  Significantly less than they were even showing online. They were mine!

The leather is like buttah.  The jeweled toe is beautiful and they are soooooo comfy.  So naturally now that I am obsessed with them I had to shoot them.  They are just too pretty not to share.  Thanks for indulging me.


I also love the details of the box.  Just look at the lovely pattern which lines the shoe box.

Complete with Miss Miuccia Prada’s signature.


I am off to Brimfield Antique and Flea Market today with Elements of Style and I am so excited.  I promise to take a ton of photos. Update….we are changing our trip to Friday due to rain😦

Oh and happy Bastille Day!

Alexander McQueen

February 12, 2010

I had to do a quick post about the tragic loss of the brilliant designer Alexander McQueen.  So much has been said about him on the internet these past two days, and I don’t think I can add too much to the conversation that hasn’t already been said, but plain and simple; he was a true artist.  One only has to flip though the archives of his work on to see.

His designs were imaginative and amazing.  His woman was a warrior princess, a heroin from a Hitchcock film, or a futuristic alien.  I loved flipping through his runway show images each Fashion Week , and I loved popping into his store recently while I was in Vegas, as I talked about here.  The clothes in person were even more amazing than expected.  Here are some of my favorites of his designs over the years.

Images from

Fall 2006


Spring 2008


Fall 2008


Spring 2008


And my own, Alexander McQueen, perfect, classic, black pumps.  So comfortable and a fabulous find at another one of my favorite consignment shops, The Closet, on Newbury Street in Boston.

Definitely taking these out for a stroll this weekend.  RIP Alexander McQueen.

Dress in action

January 7, 2010

I really wanted to get some good shots of the Vera Wang dress on New Years Eve to show off its beautiful structure, but these will have to do.  You can kind of see it lovely flower petal like shape to the skirt in the photo below.  I clearly needed some lights and a tripod, but we were traveling and all that camera equipment was not exactly on our New Years packing list.

Steve, photo bombing my mirror shot


Working on

I have been shooting so many dogs and cats lately, I thought they deserved their own post.  I am compiling them mostly from our honeymoon to Spain and our crazy Christmas in Maine with a house full of various family dogs.  Life is just more fun with a cat or dog to whom to talk funny and make you act like a kid.  Here is a little tease…

Sweet Mya – I just love her little freckled nose.

Happy New Year!

December 31, 2009

What better way to ring in the new year than with a fabulous party, dress and shoes.  I have a wonderful fun party to go to tonight with my husband and whole family.  It is in the same place we had our wedding reception three months ago with a tent overlooking the ocean and a big fun band.  I plan to dance the night away under the full moon.  (A blue moon to be exact…the second full moon in the month)

Fabulous Vera Wang dress I got at Labels Resale Boutique in Atlanta for a rediculously awesome price.

And these Terry de Haviland wedges I got a few years ago on

Have a Happy Happy New Year.  See you in 2010!


Judy Aldridge from Atlantis Home did a post about me yesterday and I seem to have quite a few new readers/viewers on this blog thanks to her link, so welcome!  I hope you all enjoy my blog.

Steve and I had a lovely evening with Judy and her daughter Jane from Sea of Shoes in Paris.  They were in Paris for the Crillon Ball where Jane was making her debut, in Chanel Haute Couture (What a girls dream!!!!!).  We had so much fun chatting about blogging, Paris, shoes and all the excitement surrounding the ball and her Chanel fittings.  (Fortunately Jane’s dad was there as well so Steve did not have to endure shoe talk alone.)

Here is a photo of Jane, Judy and myself.

Our love of shoes

Photos by my husband:)


Judy’s blog Atlantis Home is just a fabulous as her daughter’s.  Like mother, like daughter.  So much style and grace in one gene pool…it doesn’t seem fair.

Her blog mixes personal style with interior design.  Just look at these fabulous photos of her own home design project.  I am in love with the monochromatic color sceme she has going on here.  It feels so warm and fresh.  And the mix of the modern clean lines with antiques is exquisite.  As Tina Fey would say…”I want to go to there.”

Photos from Atlantis Home

Of course her talent doesn’t end there.  Judy also took all those interior shots herself and takes the majority of the photographs you see on Jane’s site, with Jane as the photo editor and Photoshop guru.  Truly a fabulously talented family…oh and did I mention how nice and down to earth they are?


Here are some shots of Jane Aldridge (Sea of Shoes) the night of the Crillion ball and that gorgeous Chanel Haute Couture dress

Photos from Sea of Shoes

I know many of those photos are familiar to those of you who have popped over to my blog via Judy but I had to post them.  They are just too lovely and inspirational not to.  Up next: my vintage clothing and furniture finds in Spain and then photos galore of our travels.  So stay tuned:)

This past weekend I did lots of shooting, in and around Boston.  Beacon Hill, graveyards, Bruins game, Halloween festivities and a trip down to the south shore.  My photos are all kind of all over the place, but it was a great weekend to shoot.  I would love your thoughts and feed back on the shots.  Let me know what you think…the good and not so good.


Eve of Halloween, walking around Beacon Hill

Beautiful and festive window boxes

I am learning fabulous window boxes are a Beacon Hill must!



Halloween decorations


Picturesque streets


Street closings

The streets of Beacon Hill are closed to cars from 5-9pm on Halloween and the place is just teaming with families trick or treating.  As our friend described the scene…it is Mardi Gras for children.  So true.



The Boston Public Garden




Eve of Halloween, Ghost Tour

Walking through 200 year old graveyards at night (especially on the eve of Halloween) made for a pretty neat and spooky experience.  Eventhough the night shots were quite challenging, it just makes me want to work on my night shots even more.

Cemetery in the North End



Did you know that the Boston strangler’s last victim lived and was killed in the apartment right above The Paramount on Charles Street?  And I thought they were just known for their delicious omelettes.  We heard that and many other stories of Boston on the Ghost and Gravestones tour.  It was great fun.



We went to the afternoon Bruins hockey game (probably only the 2nd or 3rd hockey game I have been to in my life), and had a great time looking at all the crazy Bruins fans dresses up for Halloween…and perhaps some dressed as the would for any Bruins game.

Pucks & Prada’s


With the outside temperature reaching the mid 70’s my Prada wedges had a nice time at the game too.  I got them at my favorite consignment shops in Atlanta, Labels Resale Boutique.  I have gotten some ridiculous finds there.


On Beacon Hill

The streets were packed and the decorations, out of this world.  A group of us walked around with dogs, babies and wine to take in the scene.

Perfect time to practice night shots.





All Saints’ Day – Cohasset

The next day my hubby and I took a drive down to Cohasset to see the south shore and visit with some of his family.  The drive was lovely and Cohasset is this ridiculously picturesque Massachusetts coastal town.

Darling bistro and place for lunch, The Red Lion Inn and Restaurant.


Food shots



Seriously, this town is out of a movie, “Cue vintage, orange, VW bus.”



Harbor and beach





Sea Dog



Whew.  Enough for now.  Off to Maine this weekend to visit my sister and shoot, shoot, shoot.  It is so beautiful up there.


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