Snow Day

January 23, 2014

We got another round of snow yesterday, although not too bad, just 3-4 inches (oh God I sound like a New Englander now!), but there was worry it would be much more so schools and appointments were canceled, and that meant we had an official snow day!  My first as a mom with a little one in school.  Pre-school mind you, but still.  We stayed in our PJ’s all morning, watched The Little Mermaid, and I had a dear old friend come and visit for a late lunch while the little one napped.  It actually turned out to be quite a wonderful, rejuvenating day, creatively and family wise.  I even had a chance to pop out with my camera.  Two New Years’ resolutions realized in one day…spend more quality time with my daughter and get inspired creatively.  Thanks Beyond Boston Chic for the conversation and inspiration.  xoxo

Succulents make great winter flowers.  Hard to kill and have the crisp clean feel of winter.IMG_6638IMG_6634

 IMG_6624 IMG_6628

View from my kitchen windowIMG_6629

Winter light


As I type we are getting pummeled with another snow storm.  It has been snowing non stop since 7 am yesterday morning and it is STILL COMING! So what is a girl to do?  Take a snow day and enjoy, I guess.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I hope after this snow, spring decides to arrive.




Snow drops

February 25, 2013

We had a weekend of rain/snow mix, which has me hopeful winter is slowly melting into Spring.  You know you are becoming a real New Englander when 40˚ weather gets you giddy and feels almost balmy…almost…



IMG_2940 IMG_2924

Here are also some photos from the big blizzard a few weeks ago.  My poor smashed laptop delayed my posting of these.  Thankfully my computer is all fixed and the massive amounts of snow in these photos is now relegated to plowed piles.

IMG_1889  IMG_1910IMG_1945 IMG_1915


Snow Day

January 13, 2011

Yesterday we got 18 inches of snow!  I have lived in Boston 1 1/2 years and due to my travel schedule I have missed every major snow storm.  Not this time, and I was thrilled.  While spent most of my day working from home, I did get a chance to take a little walk outside.

View from my desk window


Walking around my neighborhood


I am off to Las Vegas today for work.  Cheers.


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