Yesterday I had a photo shoot with Julie Richard of Shelter Interiors.  This is our second photo shoot together and I absolutely love working with her.  She has an amazing eye and I find myself learning so much as a photographer after each day with her.  Her style is perfectly imperfect, which I love.  Here are some Instagram sneak peeks from our shoot yesterday and check out her blog (if you don’t already).  Note: I have found myself starting to use Instagram the way photographers use to use polaroids.  A great way to frame and work on composition while while working on lighting with my SLR.

photo 3

iPhone pic by me (composition by Julie)


iPhone pic by Julie


iPhone pic by Julie

This weekend I dove back into post-baby work with an awesome photo shoot for one of my favorite online magazines.  The piece will be published in a few weeks, but here is a little sneak peek.


A common theme was color, color everywhere.


Mid photo shoot, can’t forget to Tweet, Facebook, Instagram etc.:)


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