Studio Sale!

March 11, 2014

Our studio is having a sale!!!!  I’ll be debuting some new prints for only $25-$100 as they are fresh from processing and unframed.  8 x 10 and 11 x 14.  Here is a sneak peek from my new ocean series.  Hope to see you there!  JSGD, JHill Design, Jill Rosenwald, Lawrence McRae and The Third Piece will all be participating too!

Note: these are the in studio sale prices for these first run prints. Please feel free to contact me if you can’t make it and want to order some.


Ocean Series:

Sea Island, GA – 11 x 14 print $75

Sea Island, Georgia

Spanish Moss – 8 x 10 print: $25 Spanish Moss Bikes Sea Island

Horseshoe Crab – 8 x 10 print: $25

Horseshoe Crab

Cohasset – 8 x 10 print: $25

Cohasset, MA

Prints at the sale will be un-matted and unframed, but all of them are available for purchase at almost any size, matted, framed, and my favorite…acrylic mounted.  Below is a sample of the gorgeous glossy acrylic mount.

AcrylicMountSample AcrylicMountSample2

Platinum/Palladium printing is a gorgeous alternative form of photographic printing where in which paper is coated with a Platinum solution and exposed to UV light in order to print out the negative.  A contact print (where the negative is placed directly on top of the paper) is necessary as the UV light would burn through any negative placed closely in an attempt to enlarge it.  Therefor large format negatives and cameras (4×5, 8×10 ot 11×14) must be used as you cannot enlarge the negative.  Think Ansel Adams and his large cameras on tri-pods with the hood over his head.  It is quite a process but the platinum printing makes for some of the most beautiful images with shades of gray you never knew existed.  My good friend Pradip Malde can be credited with “rediscovering” and perfecting this technique in the modern times.  Some of his amazing works can bee seen on his website,

Here are some of my favorite Platinum/Palladium Prints I have created over the years.

Platinum/Palladium Prints


Iorn Gate, Chicago – 2003 8×10


Lake Michigan – 2002 4×5


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