This week has been a doozey for multiple different reasons, so I thought I would share my little cure.  Anne Street Studios and her husband Kevin Burg’s Instagram accounts.  I have talked about my love and admiration for this talented creative couple before and they just keep delivering.  I check there blog all the time, but their Instagram accounts offer that, well, instant gratification and beauty.  Warning: you will have to tuck that little green eyed monster into a closet.  There are some envy worthy travel adventures and images. One week they are in Bali on a photo shoot, the next week they are taking the Eurostar from London to Paris.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Kevin’s Instagram

KevinBurg-1 KevinBurg-2 KevinBurg-3 KevinBurg-4Jamie’s Instagram

AnneStreetStudio-1 AnneStreetStudio-2 AnneStreetStudio-3 AnneStreetStudio-4 AnneStreetStudio-5 AnneStreetStudio-6 AnneStreetStudio-7

Cheers to a happy weekend.


May 8, 2014

I took some time the other day to seek a little inspiration and lick my creative ego wounds.  Nothing like walking through the magnificent Boston Museum of Fine Art.



Almost two years ago Amanda Brooks quit her job as Barneys New York’s vice president and fashion director and left New York for a life in the English Country side with her family.  To say her new life in Oxforshire is storybook like, is an understatement.  Storybooks aren’t this picturesque and “rustic” never looked this chic.  I am obsessed with following her in Instagram. Where she chronicles her daily activities such as riding, hunting, writing,  making perfect al fresco lunches for her family and chasing after an excaped pot belly pig here and there.  The Selby also did a editorial on their home and family life.  As a animal and horse obsessed little girl, this would have been my dream house in which to grow up.  Warning: It is all very landed-gentry, Downton Abby, Pride and Prejudice perfect.  I love it!

From The Selby: The House


7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS188001 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS188771 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS188831 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS190401 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS190871 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS193711 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS193861

A little girl’s dream:

7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS194471 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS194671 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS194021 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS193951 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS191801 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS191291 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS189781 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS189881 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS190001

Just living the country life:7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS186831


7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS191141 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS191271 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS192171 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS196431


More picturesque images from her Instagram:

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The kids are all right

October 18, 2012

Late last night, as I was perusing my Pintrest boards, I caught sight of a fabulous photograph of a child. We are not talking the Christmas card family photography with which we are all familiar, but a cool, editorial style fashion image. It lead me to my new obsession…the blog Smudgetikka. The site is penned by Linda McLean, fashion director at Junior Magazine, a UK based publication. She blogs about her job, location scouting and all the great editorials she sees for children’s fashion. (What is it about Europeans and great children’s clothing?!?! No cartoon characters and silly princess crap, just darling, age appropriate clothes.)

This now has my mind churning with ideas for a children’s fashion shoot. I adore working with my fashion clients and would love to bring that look to a children’s shoot.

Here are some editorials pulled from Smudgetikka blog.


I love the magical feel of this woodland themed shoot, by Beatrice Heydiri for Collezioni Magazine.


And the princess in armor of this one by Emma Tunbridg.


And Anders Hald for Petit Nord

I love all of them so much! Now excuse my while I go dress up my daughter in a Celtic warrior suit of arms and go photograph her by the water on a cloudy blustery day.

I am now officially obsessed with this song.  I am sure many of you have already seen this video “sweeping the nation,” but I love it.  It reminds me of everything I loved about college: fun bubble gum music, getting ready to go out with my roommates on a Friday night, boys, boys, boys…(yes my husband was a college athlete…I am a sucker…swoon), and then you get the goatee, razor sunglasses and chains around the neck.  Eeek!  Thank goodness college boys grow up.:)

Many of us have found out the fabulously addictive nature of Pintrest.  My boards serve a great forms of inspiration, cataloguing ideas and even grabbing hair styling tips when I am bored with my routine, but there is still something about a good old fashion inspiration board.  I finally had the opportunity to hang my big 6-foot by 4-foort bulletin board (and by me, I mean the awesome Lawrence McRae hung it for me…I owe him big.)   Part inspiration board and part piece of art, I just love walking into my studio each morning and seeing all my favorite images.  I won’t show the whole thing yet, as my studio was just photographed for an amazingly exciting feature, but here are some teasers.  It is a mix of my favorite images and some of my work…see if you can find my stuff.:)

My big inspiration board:


Snippets from my studio mate Erin Gate’s inspiration board.


Inspiration board from Tibi fashion show – SS 2012 collection

Photos: Sarah Winchester

And who doesn’t love a good model board?


And the queen of inspiration boards, Kelly Wearstler.  Photos from her blog, My Vibe Life.

 Have a happy weekend!

I know very little about this blog.  (From what the rough translation through Google tells me, I think she runs a shop.)  I do know that I adore her photography!  Even her header is to die for.  I love grabbing my morning coffee and just scrolling through her posts. Please go check her out here and in the mean time here are some of my recent faves.

It makes living in the Swedish country side look like the most perfect life imaginable.  I want to go to all of there…


Her most recent trip to Paris.


April 17, 2012

I just finished reading Bringing up Bébé, by Pamela Druckerman and adored it! (A great travel read)  It is a fun mix of self-depreciating humor, an exploration of cultural differences and some actually sociological research thrown in there for good measure.  Most of all it talks about the balance of parenting, raising a happy self-confident child and being able to enjoy a nice dinner out with child in tow.  Makes me want to raise my daughter as a good little gourmet eater who says bonjour, au revoir, s’il vous plaît, and merci…well at least the English equivalent.  Don’t want her sounding too pretentious.

I dogeared many a pages, and am going to try this recipe this weekend.

The blog Atlantic-Pacific may already be know by many of you, (Blair Edie who pens the blog has been in the likes Vogue and has collaborated with Coach and other amazing brands) but for some reason she has slipped by my radar…until now.  Her east coat/southern/west coast mix (Virginia raised, now in San Francisco) is funky, preppy, brave and sophisticated all in one.  She also mixes high priced designer items with low prices chain store picks, like it is nobody’s business.  We are talking Celine bags with H&M tops.  I am obsessed.  I spent the weekend flipping through all her posts, dreaming of Spring, color and a non-pregnant body.  All of which will be here soon I hope.  Here are some of my favorites, but you really need to just dive into her blog yourself. Your welcome in advance.:)


Winter transitional


Spring colors

Settling in

November 9, 2011

With almost 3 weeks of no travel, I am finally beginning to feel settled into our new apartment and my new studio.  Believe it or not being pregnant has slowed down my travel schedule and has allowed me to accomplish some small lingering tasks.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have a “to do” list about a mile long and that whole pregnancy nesting instinct has hit me hard core, but I am actually enjoying it a bit.

While sorting through and archiving photo shoots, I came upon these New York Fashion Week leftovers.


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