Wild Flowers

August 15, 2013

I found these wild flower shots the other day when I finally had some spare time to edit my photos from the last month.  They were taken over our trips to Maine in July.  I love how the Northeast absolutely explodes with wild flowers in the summer.  All that pent up winter chill just bursting at the seams as if in a hurry to catch every ray of sunshine before fall arrives.  And with Labor Day two weeks away fall is approaching fast.  I hate to wish away the summer, but the end of summer also means our house will (hopefully) be habitable.  Until then I will enjoy summer to the very last drop, and hopefully squeeze in another trip to Maine to see my sister. Don’t these fields just scream “run through me?”


IMG_1575 IMG_1582


Winter light

January 29, 2013

When the cold temperatures hit I sometimes find myself wishing for the sun and warmth so much, I forget to realize how beautiful winter can be.  Striped of their leaves, trees become almost like sculptures and snow covered ground reflects the light in hues of cool blues and purples.  This past weekend we headed up to Maine for a little winter wonderland weekend.  The days are even shorter up there as the coastline creeps eastward, but the low sun and quite forest are spectacular.  Bébé (almost 1 year old now and not so “bébé) loved my sister’s big sweet dog and being pulled around in her sled on the crunchy snow.  I need to remember to enjoy winter for what it is and not wish it away for spring.





Portland Flea-for-all

September 5, 2012

Last weekend I was up in Maine visiting my sister and she has been dying to take me to the Portland Flea-for-All.  It is a three story, flea market type space run by a darling husband wife team.  The first floor is open to vendors who have everything from vintage clothing and housewares to new, hand made arts.  Kind of like Boston’s SoWa Market but all under one roof.  The top two floors are antique and vintage furniture collected by the owners.  It was a great little antiquing fix seeing as I will not be able to make it to Brimfield this year, and the prices are still great.  (I feel like vintage/antique/Brimfield prices have really inflated in the past couple of years.)  If you find yourself in the Portland area one weekend it is a great rainy day activity.


I use antlers in all of my decorating.


I pity the fool that doesn’t buy these necklaces.


Ferragamo spectators



My sister scored this awesome, pagoda style shelf.  Here it is in the store.


Here it is later that afternoon as we were styling it.


I went home with the cute kitten heals from Proper Vintage.

Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend and are getting back into the work swing of things.  Good bye summer.  Until next year.

Weekend Update

June 11, 2012

I guess I am starting each blogging week with a weekend update.  Kind of lame I know, but I have a lot of work projects in motion which I can’t share just yet.  So for now we will have our weekend updates. This weekend update is brought to you by iPhone (and a little Photoshop filtering), because somewhere in New Hampshire (on our way to Maine) I realized I had forgotten my camera.  At least I remembered the baby.:)

Our drive up to Maine Friday evening was a bit hairy.  Wind, rain, lightning, I felt like I was back in the south.


But the storm cleared and made way for a gorgeous Saturday and Sunday.

Maine wildflowers


Doing the suburban thing and going to the garden center.  Loving these marigolds.  Great inspiration for a photo shoot I am planning, shooting and styling.


Cliff walk and light house.  So Maine.




Baby’s first solid food.  In my sister’s sterling sliver antique baby porridge bowl and sterling silver spoon…naturally.


And one tired puppy (Jake the Spinone)

Happy Monday, five more days until next weekend and counting.

Circus Master

June 1, 2012

I often feel like the master of ceremony of a crazy, and somewhat dysfunctional circus.   I just have too much to do some days.  Work has been getting busier each week, my little one if now four months old and I could stand a few more hours of sleep each night and a few less circles under my eyes.  I am still figuring out that elusive balance.  I know, I know, total “white girl problems.”   I think that is why I love summer so much.  The heat and long days force you to slow down and change your pace.

Life as I know it: photo shoots, video editing, walks with bébé and road trips with the family


This past Memorial Day weekend you drove up to Maine.  I love my city life, but once summer hits all I want is the smell of trees and the ocean.  I am so lucky to have a sister with a gorgeous home in Maine, just a short walk to the beach.  My sis and her husband were out of town, but we so graciously offered to house sit.  Ha!  It was awesome!

P.S. The house above is not my sister’s, just one of the many gorgeous homes in Maine.

P.P.S. You know you are city folk when your husband gets excited at the prospect of mowing a lawn.

All is quiet

December 27, 2011

We had a wonderful relaxing Christmas with family, including Christmas Eve dinner with the in-laws and then Christmas Day up in Maine with my sister.  We arrived in Maine just as the snow began to fall giving us a white Christmas.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas filled with family, friends and food.

Jake at Willard Beach, Cape Elisabeth, ME

Taken with Instagram then applied some HDR toning.


Willard Beach, Cape Elisabeth, ME

Taken with my Canon (as usual)



September 7, 2011

This past weekend we headed up to the beautiful town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine for one last dose of summer fun.  My sister set up this wonderful sunset cruise with Lucky Catch Cruises.  We boarded the vessel with our wine and cheese fully expecting a little cruise around the bay, but the captain and his crew soon had us donning lobstermen aprons and gloves…this was clearly going to be a working cruise.  We hauled up lobster pots, measured and inspected our catch and re-baited the pots, all with cocktail in hand.  It could not have been more fun!










Working hard…


I cannot recommend this excursion and the people of Lucky Catch enough.  It was fun, silly, educational, basically the perfect activity for every age.  They operate well into the fall so if you have a Maine foliage trip planned, I highly recommend some time on the sea as well.  It was a bast.

So after my wonderful Friday night with Eleanor from Shopping the Closet and her daughter Ryan the hubs and I decided to skip all the Bruins Stanely Cup parade madness (over 1 millllllllion people were supposedly there, ugh) and pop up to beautiful, peaceful Maine.  My sister, another Georgia girl who married a New Englander,  has lived in Maine for almost 13 years.  I feel so lucky to have her so close by now, and so lucky that she lives in such a beautiful place.

Saturday started out a little overcast, developed into a crazy quick thunderstorm complete with golf ball size hail, and then turned into the most beautiful evening.  We had a delicious dinner at Havana South and then walked around the Old Port.  The Old Port is just that, Portland, Maine’s old colonial, shipping port.  The old warehouses and cobble stone streets are teaming with some of the best restaurants on the east coast, as Portland had become quite the foodie town.  I have found the majority of the restaurants in Portland use as much local food as they can find, even printing from which farms and farmers the food is grown/raised.


Sunday was the most glorious Maine day.  We tooled around on their little boat hopping around to the islands in Casco Bay.  Reading on the beach, antique shopping in tiny island antique shops, eating ice cream and hamburgers…am I 8 or 80?  A bit of both I think.

Maine.  Even in the chill of early spring, with patches of snow still on the ground Maine is just a gorgeous gorgeous place.  We popped up there last weekend for a little getaway and some TLC from my awesome sister.  The snow is slowly subsiding, the grass has a hint of green indicating spring is on its way, and the coastal paths are finally free of ice.  We made full use of the sunny day, bundled up and headed out for a coastal walk.  Of course all of this must be done with a super cool Maine dog…Jake the Spinone and former Orvis cover dog was happy to oblige.



Have a great weekend everyone!


Mainly – Maine

August 2, 2010

I am so lucky to have my sister live at such close distance, and even more lucky that she lives in such a beautiful place.  We like to joke that I have our city home and she has our country home, but this time of year I find myself wanting to be in my “country home” all the time.  Even when I lived all the way down in Atlanta I would make it up to Maine to see her a few times in the summer.

We had a quick trip this weekend, with a beautiful wedding and rehearsal dinner, and we still found room for a little beach time on Sunday.


Jump Jake!



I was loving these seaweed beds.  The color, the water, everything.


While sitting on the beach I flipped through the new L.L. Bean Signature catalogue.  My sister pointed out that much of it was shot on the cobble stone street of the Old Port in Portland.


This is totally shot at the Porthole!  A wonderful breakfast and lunch place right on the working warf.  Love this place.

I love all these photographs, and the clothes have that timeless, chicness to them.


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