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July 16, 2013

The Grand Opening party for The Savvy Hen in Boulder, Colorado was fabulous.  The store was constantly swarmed with people, kids were dancing to the bluegrass band, Hen Scratch, and the food was delicious.  I could not be more proud of my brother and more importantly my sister-in-law, who is really the vision and mastermind of this all.

The shop and grand opening.

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My darling sister-in-law, Melissa.

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My brother.

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The chicken coop at their home.  Cutest thing I think I have ever seen.  Friday night my daughter met the chickens, played with their 8 month old golden retriever puppy and had a dinner of fresh eggs straight from the coop.  No need to tell a bedtime story that night.  We just relived our amazing day.  Boulder is truly one special place.

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A Boston friend of mine, the talented Rachel Reider Interiors,  just went down to Atlanta for a girls weekend and asked for some shopping and restaurant recommendations.  Now Atlanta has all the big flagship stores and eating establishments you would expect of any large metropolis, but it is the bungalow neighborhoods and flora filled city that shape Atlanta’s personality…and there is no better time to visit than the spring.  It is truly when the south shines.  Here is a list of some of my favorite places unique to the beautiful city of Atlanta

P.S. I would recommend approaching Atlanta by neighborhood.  Each one has it’s own little feel and great shopping and food.  Otherwise you will spend half your day driving…oh and always use back roads if you can.  Most Atlantans, who live in the city, avoid the highways like the plague.



Rosebud – (Virginia-Highlands/Morningside) This great little neighborhood restaurant has some of the best food in the city with many farm-to-table selections.  In fact there is a farmers market every Saturday in their parking lot where the purchase most of their food.  I use to live right down the street from Rosebud and would seriously eat there at least once a week.  The enchanted mountain springs trout is my favorite dish in the whole world!!!!


Yoforia (Virginia-Highlands/Morningside) – another neighborhood favorite and right across the street from Rosebud.  WAAAAYYYY better than Pinkberry and with only 5 grams of sugar and ounce you can eat your heart out.

Two Urban Licks

Two Urban Licks (Midtown/PonceyHighlands)  Very cool, big warehouse restaurant.  Great food with a little southern fire to it.  The restaurant also showcases a gorgeous, huge Todd Murphy painting.  Todd Murphy is on of my favorite painters and I swear one day I will have one hanging in my home.
Todd Murphy painting in Two Urban licks, image from ToddMurphy.com

Horseradish Grill

Horseradish Grill (Buckhead) – Even though it is technically in Buckhead it is tucked away in a beautiful neighborhood setting.   A favorite for years of my whole family (we held my mothers 60th birthday there) it is across from the beautiful Chastain horse stables.  A little country club chic and a little casual southern elegance, this place it perfect for any group.  They have a killer trout dish as well and a lovely outdoor patio.

Shopping – home decor

Gramercy Home

Gramercy Home (Buckhead) – Love love love this store.  I have done multiple photoshoots for them and they always have the best things, I could go on, but check my previous blog post and post, to see for yourself.

Photo by me


Peices (Buckhead) – I am sure most of you have heard of Peices and the uber chic owner Lee Kleinhelter.   The little shop is perfectly curated with all those coveted interior design goodies you see in every magazine.  Everything is totally lust worthy.

B.D. Jeffries

B.D. Jeffries (Buckhead) – do not judge this store by the website.  It is awesome.  Very old South/Garden & Gun chic.  You will want to buy everything.  Silver, leather, home, mens, childrens, the expansive shop is perfect vignette after perfect vignette.

Erika Reade

Erika Reade (Buckhead) – right next to B.D. Jeffries it is the waffle robe and beautiful linens to B.D. Jeffries’ silver and leather

Providence Antiques

Providence Antiques (Virginia-Highlands/Morningside) Right next to Rosebud, this shop is a little gem of home decor and random things you don’t see all over the Internet.  The woman that runs it is AWESOME and here little French Bulldog, Hector is the cutest thing ever.


Shopping – clothing, baby, etc.

Atlanta has all the big stores at Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza, but here are some unique to Atlanta little boutiques.


Vetted (Buckhead) – awesome redone little bungalow with great edited stuff.  I did a blog post on the shop a few months ago here.  I still wish I had purchased this necklace.

Photo by me

B Braithwaite

B Braithwaite (Howell Mill area) – World’s best baby store :)  The owners are a mother/daughter team (I went to college and am good friends with the daughter Chaffee, so please tell them hi if you go in).  Their shop is gorgeous and the pristine white decor, makes you feel as though raising a baby will be the most wonderful, blissful event.  When the baby challenges do come, they have an awesome blog, and a rolodex full of experts to help.   Oh and their cool and modern Kiawah Island beach house was just in the April Veranda magazine.

I mean…the storefront alone is worth the visit.  How Parisian chic it this?!

Photo courtesy of B Braithwaite.


Labels Resale Boutique (Buckhead) – again, do not judge a shop by its web site.  This is a great little consignment shop (hit or miss as with all consignment shops) but I have gotten some great stuff over the years.  They have a black Birkin for sale right now for $6500  which is still out of my league but sooooooo pretty.


Very Wang dress I got at Labels last year. Photo by me

So that is the quick and dirty on some of my favorite Atlanta spots.  What are yours?  Please do share so we can expand the list and put more wonderful places on the must do Atlanta list.:)



San Francisco, oh my heart…I just love that city.

My husband and I attended a beautiful wedding in San Francisco last weekend.  I am just so in love with the vibe, the creativity, the people and the overall feel of that city.  There are so many different neighborhoods and areas, each with a unique personality, while permeating that California cool/San Francisco sophistication.  The only downside was that due to work schedules we had to make it a whirlwind two day trip.  Although I did have all day on Saturday to wander the city with one of my dearest friends, who now lives right in the middle of wonderful San Francisco.  I posted photos of her May wedding here.


Although first off, thank goodness Steve and I had plans to hang out with separate friends that day, because look at this nerd alert.  Who decides to pack and wear the same shoes let alone both own them?  This nerdy, nerd couple.


Here is a little photo diary of what we did one Saturday in San Francisco.  If you find yourself in the city wondering what to do, feel free to copy out little itinerary.  It was such fun, but wear your walking shoes, for those hills are deadly, but they will tone your butt!

Sarah & Alexandra’s day in San Francisco!

We started our morning at The Ferry Building, with coffee and breakfast, at Il Cane Rosso.  This is not your typical breakfast/sandwich/walk-up and order place.  The food is spectacular.


Now I am very particular about my scrambled eggs.  I can truly taste a difference between organic, cage free eggs and the normal big white ones found at most large chain grocery stores.  On top of that, most places cook their eggs so quickly and at such a high heat that they become a rubbery, yellow frisbee.  Yuck, yuck and yuck!  These eggs, however, were perfect!  Slow cooked with yummy cheese and pancetta.


Olive oil fried egg sandwich with bacon and aged provolone.

Aside from the cool walk-up atmosphere and kraft paper/butcher shop feel,  they use the freshest, high quality ingredients.  I actually found this to be true of much of San Francisco.  They take pride in their food and from where the ingredients come.  It seemed like such a foodie city, and I was sad I didn’t have more time to eat my way through it.:)


After breakfast we wandered about the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, where I saw shades of peppers and apples in colors I didn’t know existed,  flowers to die for, and vegetables I had never even heard of.  Words can’t even begin to do this market justice so I will let the photos do the talking.

Bok Choy


Bitter melon



Eggplants galore


Apples of every kind – even perfect little “Twilight apples”


I had never seen an apple like this before…it is called a Pink Pearl apple. The inside of the apple is bright pink and tastes extremely tart.  Practically like a sour patch kid candy!  I couldn’t even finish it, but the colors were gorgeous.  Although it kind of looks like a Vampire apple.  I think that is what I will call it, because Vampires are so hot right now.:)


Oh, and seas of flowers.



I love how this one vendor mixed edible leafy greens with flowers all in rustic galvanized buckets.  The kale looked like it could be for lunch or a center piece.


I could have shopped and shot photographs all day long.


Wishing I looked a chic as this couple with matching baskets…I’m off to market!



Alexandra and I were determined to get a little consignment/vintage shopping in as well, so we headed towards Nob Hill/Russian Hill, where there were a few on our recommendation list…meandering through Chinatown on our way, or perhaps it was more of the Japantown of the Chinatown district…I have no education on Chinese or Japanese characters, but these seem more Japanese to me….can anyone help me?  Sorry to be so ignorant of this.

I am drawn to the brightly colored Hello Kitty candy like a moth to a flame…or a 5 year old girl to pink Hello Kitty anything…


At $78 a pound, the root must be some type of miracle cure all or potent aphrodisiac, that or it cleans your house and makes you dinner.  Can anyone ready these characters?


More amazing fruits.  The colors on this one fruit is like a cartoon, but yet it is real!


Even regular old Dole bananas hang differently in here.


Consignment Shopping

So we had planned to scour the city for consignment shop finds and treasures but one step into Cris located at 2056 Polk St (between Pacific Ave & Broadway St), and well we really didn’t need to go anywhere else.  In hindsight I desperately wish I had taken more photos of the store, but I was too busy rifling through rack after rack and filling up my dressing room.  We are talking, Hermès trench coats, Lavin jackets and Valentino handbags.

These shoe were a work of art


Unfortunately, even at consignment shop prices many of these were still just a dream, but Alexandra found a super interesting hooded trench coat and I scored this dress/tunic piece from a New Zeland designer named Zambesi. The garment is a little wrinkled from travel, but I’ll show you how I style it once I get it back from the cleaners.

They even packaged our purchases with fresh flowers and ribbon.  The pies de la resistance!


The super stylish Ms. Alexandra!



As we wandered around Nob Hill and Russian Hill making our was towards the Marina District we stopped in an interior design shop called Fl!pp.  Fl!pp is an acronym for Fashionable Living in Petite Places.  Sounds like we could use a store like this for all the tiny apartments in Boston.  The store had tons of cool antique and vintage finds mixed with new pieces.  Out back was a tranquil little garden and outdoor seating area offering an oasis from the busy San Fran streets.    The store front is basically a showroom for their interior design services.

This wall of gold tone starburst and bleach wood mirrors has me wanting to add that feel to my more dark wood/silver toned home.  So warm and inviting.



Tripod lamp in red with vintage base.


I love this Rhino head wall mount made from pages of a book.


Map valet trays


After walking for hours we treated our selves to a late lunch at Chilyo Mexicano, like everywhere in San Francisco (it seems) the food was amazing.  They only use the freshest local, ingredients many of which come from their own farm in the Sonoma Vally.  I think San Francisco has made me quite the food snob.  I definitely let my heart and stomach in San Francisco.  I can not wait to go back and spend more time there.









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