Indigo & Saffron

June 14, 2012

I took these two iPhone photos on wholly separate days but love the colors together.

It got me thing about the color combination.  A little Google search revealed that the saffron flower has purple petals,with the spice extracted being a bright orange/yellow.  A color combination match made in heaven…or earth actually.


More indigo & saffron inspiration

Photo: Sarah Winchester


Photo: Sarah Winchester




Photo: Cintamani


Photo: Sarah Winchester


Photo: Elle Decor


Photo: House Beautiful

I have been enjoying spring, taking bébé on lots of long walks, traveling and diving back into work.  Here is a little look through my iPhone and Instagram lens.

The bridge where I got engaged.

Tulips in the Boston Public Garden

The streets of Beacon Hill


Baby’s first plane ride and trip.

To take us to a lovely vacation at Sea Island, Georgia for some family fun and beach time.

“Its good for the soul when there’s not a soul in sight.” – Dave Mathews

Live oaks and Spanish moss

Quiet evenings


I am also back in the studio and diving into some great projects.  One of which features me and my studio.  It was quite a terrifying twist to be in front of the camera lens instead of behind it.  Here is a sneak peek.

I love living in a historic, brownstone neighborhood and working in an urban, warehouse area.  Such a great city mix.


Oh yeah, and this totally happened.

Planning on doing much more blogging so stick around and check back often!


Baby Steps

March 1, 2012

“I’ve done a lot if things in my life. Most of them inadvertent.” —Michael Feldman 

I read this quote over on Stacy Style’s blog the other day and I find it to be so true.  While I am a very goal oriented person and love digging into new projects, I rarely approach things with a single minded, do or die, attitude.  I usually let my passions, desires and gut steer where I am going.  My love for a man (now my husband) brought me to Boston, which led me to start my own business.  Moving to a new city where I knew no one and trying to start a business led me to meet some of the most wonderfully, creative and inspirational people…well that and my blogs and social media addiction.  Now that I am a mom to the most beautiful baby girl and figuring the whole parenting thing out, I find all these inadvertent things have helped to create this beautiful, beautiful life I find myself leading.  Don’t get me wrong, my to do list is still a mile long and I am lucky if I get a shower and a thank you note a day completed, but I am figuring it out.  I must remind myself it is okay if I don’t have my s*#! together.  Combining being a mother and running a business will take time or as Bob in “What About Bob” put it baby steps.


Photos from my afternoon strolls in the Public Garden and excursions to Starbucks…

Shooting away

September 14, 2010

In hot hot Atlanta for a three day shoot and then back to blogging I promise.  Till then, an old photo I found that has me thinking of Autumn breezes and rustling leaves on these hot Georgia days.

Missing some friends

May 25, 2010

I slept terrible last night. (I have had sleeping problems since I was a child and they always seem to creep up around the changing of the seasons…spring is rapidly turning into summer here in Boston and my mind is just going, going, going lately)  So as I lay awake in bed last night, into the wee hours of the morning, my mind wandered over many things.  Things like work, my photography, my other work, but after a while it settled on my friends.  There are those friends in life that no matter the distance or how long it has been since you spoke, they have a special place in your heart.  Friends that when you first met them you remember thinking…I always want to know this person.  My husband was one of those friends, as is my friend Rachel Malde.  So this morning (after little to no sleep) I started browsing through her blog.  She is a beautiful photographer, mother of two little boys and married to another photographer, Pradip Malde, whom I have blogged about in the past.  So instead of posting more of my work I wanted to share some of her work.


I just love her moody colors.  So beautiful.

from the Churchill Barrier, Orkney, 2005


from the Ring of Brodgar, Orkney, 2005


Sea Island, GA, 2010


Florence, Viterbo, Cortona, Le forme delle uova, 2010


Gates of Rome, 2010


Red Fiat, Viterbo


Okay, I don’t know how to embed videos into my blog yet, but you have to go over to and check out these online parody webisodes of the life of Mary Kate Olsen.  My friend showed these to me yesterday and I have spend most of my night watching them over and over again, dying laughing.  The woman who does this is hilarious!  Go check it out.  Now I am off to go get my Vera Wang snuggie, because its brrrrrr.


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