Weekend Update

November 15, 2010

Temperatures crept into the 60’s this weekend in Boston and the warm fall weather practically demanded I drop everyting and just go for a walk.  So that is what I did, practically nothing and lots of walking.


Saturday morning the hubs and I lounged around, watched Game Day and drank our coffee.  A prefect fall Saturday morning and Magnolia was more than happy to partake.



That afternoon we did as the weather demanded and ventured outside with no destination in mind.  We just wanted to feel the Fall air.





Sunday surprise

As I sipped Pellegrino by my computer Sunday afternoon, I noticed the bottles had a Missoni print for a background!  How cool and chic is that?!?!  Perfect little design ending to a perfect weekend.  (Of course now I am totally going to buy Pellegrino just to get that Missoni print…yes I am that person.  Oh well.)

A Day in Salem

July 26, 2010

I have a lot of projects and chores on my check list for this week and lots of travel in August (some for fun and some for work), so it was nice to just hang around the Boston area this weekend and enjoy my home.  The weather Saturday was just perfect, sunny with a breeze but not too hot or humid.  We hopped on the Salem ferry to explore the old historic town for the day and to get a little witchy.  The boat ride up the north shore was gorgeous boasting lighthouse after light house on the rocky New England coast, and the bonus…we were in Salem in less than an hour!

I am shooting more now that I am 4 weeks post surgery and just had fun playing around this weekend with the camera.  Here are my touristy photos from the weekend.


Salem, MA

Some of the town look unchanged by time.

Except for the stray tourists popping into the shot.:)


Boston Harbor

The perfect vintage wooden boat.  Just look at that old steering wheel!


Gorgeous ride home.


Perfect end to a lovely day.


Now, back to work!

Dinner time

April 23, 2010

I had a delicious, romantic dinner with my hubby last night, and although we are not exactly gourmet chefs; we basically “prepare” food; we love trying out new dishes.  With our crazy schedules cooking at home doesn’t happen as much as we would like, so it is quite a treat when we can just stay at home, cook dinner and have a glass of wine.

I was quite impressed by our efforts last night.

• Pepper Pork Tenderloin (pre-seasoned from Trader Joes)
• Brussel sprouts cooked with thick cut bacon bits in a little apple cider vinager
  and butter reduction sauce
• Brown rice
• Ghost Pines Cabernet Sauvignon (Thanks Jobi Liquors for the recommendation.)



SPRING! I love you.

March 19, 2010

I think Spring is may favorite time of year.  So bright and hopeful.

This past weekend I did lots of shooting, in and around Boston.  Beacon Hill, graveyards, Bruins game, Halloween festivities and a trip down to the south shore.  My photos are all kind of all over the place, but it was a great weekend to shoot.  I would love your thoughts and feed back on the shots.  Let me know what you think…the good and not so good.


Eve of Halloween, walking around Beacon Hill

Beautiful and festive window boxes

I am learning fabulous window boxes are a Beacon Hill must!



Halloween decorations


Picturesque streets


Street closings

The streets of Beacon Hill are closed to cars from 5-9pm on Halloween and the place is just teaming with families trick or treating.  As our friend described the scene…it is Mardi Gras for children.  So true.



The Boston Public Garden




Eve of Halloween, Ghost Tour

Walking through 200 year old graveyards at night (especially on the eve of Halloween) made for a pretty neat and spooky experience.  Eventhough the night shots were quite challenging, it just makes me want to work on my night shots even more.

Cemetery in the North End



Did you know that the Boston strangler’s last victim lived and was killed in the apartment right above The Paramount on Charles Street?  And I thought they were just known for their delicious omelettes.  We heard that and many other stories of Boston on the Ghost and Gravestones tour.  It was great fun.



We went to the afternoon Bruins hockey game (probably only the 2nd or 3rd hockey game I have been to in my life), and had a great time looking at all the crazy Bruins fans dresses up for Halloween…and perhaps some dressed as the would for any Bruins game.

Pucks & Prada’s


With the outside temperature reaching the mid 70’s my Prada wedges had a nice time at the game too.  I got them at my favorite consignment shops in Atlanta, Labels Resale Boutique.  I have gotten some ridiculous finds there.


On Beacon Hill

The streets were packed and the decorations, out of this world.  A group of us walked around with dogs, babies and wine to take in the scene.

Perfect time to practice night shots.





All Saints’ Day – Cohasset

The next day my hubby and I took a drive down to Cohasset to see the south shore and visit with some of his family.  The drive was lovely and Cohasset is this ridiculously picturesque Massachusetts coastal town.

Darling bistro and place for lunch, The Red Lion Inn and Restaurant.


Food shots



Seriously, this town is out of a movie, “Cue vintage, orange, VW bus.”



Harbor and beach





Sea Dog



Whew.  Enough for now.  Off to Maine this weekend to visit my sister and shoot, shoot, shoot.  It is so beautiful up there.


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