Weekend Update

June 11, 2012

I guess I am starting each blogging week with a weekend update.  Kind of lame I know, but I have a lot of work projects in motion which I can’t share just yet.  So for now we will have our weekend updates. This weekend update is brought to you by iPhone (and a little Photoshop filtering), because somewhere in New Hampshire (on our way to Maine) I realized I had forgotten my camera.  At least I remembered the baby.:)

Our drive up to Maine Friday evening was a bit hairy.  Wind, rain, lightning, I felt like I was back in the south.


But the storm cleared and made way for a gorgeous Saturday and Sunday.

Maine wildflowers


Doing the suburban thing and going to the garden center.  Loving these marigolds.  Great inspiration for a photo shoot I am planning, shooting and styling.


Cliff walk and light house.  So Maine.




Baby’s first solid food.  In my sister’s sterling sliver antique baby porridge bowl and sterling silver spoon…naturally.


And one tired puppy (Jake the Spinone)

Happy Monday, five more days until next weekend and counting.

All is quiet

December 27, 2011

We had a wonderful relaxing Christmas with family, including Christmas Eve dinner with the in-laws and then Christmas Day up in Maine with my sister.  We arrived in Maine just as the snow began to fall giving us a white Christmas.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas filled with family, friends and food.

Jake at Willard Beach, Cape Elisabeth, ME

Taken with Instagram then applied some HDR toning.


Willard Beach, Cape Elisabeth, ME

Taken with my Canon (as usual)


Maine.  Even in the chill of early spring, with patches of snow still on the ground Maine is just a gorgeous gorgeous place.  We popped up there last weekend for a little getaway and some TLC from my awesome sister.  The snow is slowly subsiding, the grass has a hint of green indicating spring is on its way, and the coastal paths are finally free of ice.  We made full use of the sunny day, bundled up and headed out for a coastal walk.  Of course all of this must be done with a super cool Maine dog…Jake the Spinone and former Orvis cover dog was happy to oblige.



Have a great weekend everyone!


Mainly – Maine

August 2, 2010

I am so lucky to have my sister live at such close distance, and even more lucky that she lives in such a beautiful place.  We like to joke that I have our city home and she has our country home, but this time of year I find myself wanting to be in my “country home” all the time.  Even when I lived all the way down in Atlanta I would make it up to Maine to see her a few times in the summer.

We had a quick trip this weekend, with a beautiful wedding and rehearsal dinner, and we still found room for a little beach time on Sunday.


Jump Jake!



I was loving these seaweed beds.  The color, the water, everything.


While sitting on the beach I flipped through the new L.L. Bean Signature catalogue.  My sister pointed out that much of it was shot on the cobble stone street of the Old Port in Portland.


This is totally shot at the Porthole!  A wonderful breakfast and lunch place right on the working warf.  Love this place.

I love all these photographs, and the clothes have that timeless, chicness to them.

She’s a Maine-iac

July 23, 2010

I’m up in Maine right now helping my sister get her beautifully newly renovated home in order.  The place is amazing and I am soooooo jealous of her new kitchen.   I just love it up here, the rocky beaches, the deep blue water.  We are of course, also celebrating the Orvis cover and Jake is loving all the attention.

What a darling.

Photo by my husband from earlier this summer.

Also, Erin Gates, is doing some beauty features over at her blog and during our trip to Brimfield I discussed mine.  Go check out my pick on her blog.  The girl is like a one woman promotional team for me this week.  I owe her one amazing dinner at Mistral:)

Have a wonderful weekend.  Back Monday with lots more goodies.  Cheers.

Cover Shoot!

July 21, 2010


Orvis Dog Book – Fall 2010

I am so excited I can finally announce, that my photograph won the cover of the Fall 2010 Orvis Dog Book!

I took this photograph of Jake, my sister’s darling Spinoine Italiano (Yes I know it sounds like an ice cream flavor), when he was just 3 months old.  I sent the photograph into Orvis a few months ago and was told in late May that Jake and I had gotten the cover!


I am just thrilled and honored to be a part of the Orvis Dog Book.  Scoring the cover of a magazine or catalogue is a photographers’ dream.  I am just beyond excited.  Jake on the other hand had become a total diva:)


This is Jake at Christmas, sitting on my 6-foot tall husband’s lap.  As you can see, he has grown quite a bit since his puppy days and really is such a good boy.


We are going to have a little celebration her in Boston in the coming weeks as the catalogue hits stores and mailboxes, so stay tuned.  Celebrating with Jake, my mom and my sister tonight!  Hurrah.

Ahhhhh Paris!

December 11, 2009

There is nothing like Paris…and Paris on your honeymoon…sigh…it was wonderful.  We spent most of our days walking around, popping into lovely little cafes and just enjoying each other.   The honeymoon haze was in full effect and I just loved it all.


We landed in early in the morning and thankfully our room was ready at 9 am!  We had a fabulous 4 hour nap before venturing our to see the city.

Espresso to help get us going that afternoon

(man I still look Jetlagged but who cares…I was on my honeymoon :))


The Louvre

We got to the Louvre late in the day (which I highly recommend).  We found that people were heading out long before the closing hours suggested and it didn’t seem as crowded as everyone always warns

While the group around the Mona Lisa was still quite large…

…the rest of the museum felt like our own private palace.  It was wonderful.  Adjacent to the Mona Lisa is Veronese’s Wedding at Canna and it is beyond impressive.  It is enormous and has so much other interesting things going on.

Good doggie

Bad kitty.

Spinone Italiano – I think we also spotted a Spinone Italiano dog in one of the many beautiful tapestries.

Doesn’t it look like my sister’s dog Jake?

First glimpse of the Eiffel tower from the Napoleon Apartments in the Richelieu wing.

Great photo by my husband

Fabulous jewelry

Reminds me so much of this gorgeous bracelet my siblings gave me last year for Christmas.  I love it so much.  I even wore it on my wedding day!

We had dinner that night at Café Marly which is located in the Louvre palace complex, just below the dramatic Napoleon Apartments. The restaurant was recommended to us by multiple people, and it did not disappoint.  After walking around the Louve all afternoon the atmosphere and location of the cafe made us feel like royal invited guest.  Well that and the delicious wine.


After dinner, we walked back to our hotel in the Left Bank

This glossy rainy street scene just screams Paris to me.

Oh yes, and the amazing sancerre wine just completed to whole picture.

All of that in just day one.?!?!  Part deux tomorrow, I promise.  Until then…dreaming of Paris.  Bonne nuit


November 12, 2009


I always have such an amazingly wonderful and relaxing time when I visit Maine.  The ocean, the walks, the November light, my sister’s dog Jake, the wheat-free almond goodies at Scratch Baking, Co. near Willard Beach…everything there is like a beautiful storybook, and it was great fun to have a little girl time with my sister.  She better be careful, with Boston only a 2 1/2 hour drive away I plan on becoming a more frequent visitor.


Willard Beach, Cape Elizabeth, ME

Willard Beachsm


Jake the Spinone

Part muppet, part regal hunting dog, Jake is perhaps the coolest dog I have ever seen.  He is enormous and hilarious and has these human eyes that are so expressive.


Just look at him preening for the camera…



Jake’s across the street neighbor, Pushy the Old English Sheep dog.


Walking Jake at night


To Danforth Cove


So wonderful.  Can’t wait to go back.  *Sigh


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