April Showers

April 9, 2014

The forsythia bush by the side of my house is finally budding and just dying to burst into a bright yellow flurry.  We also have a few crocuses popping up randomly in the back yard, and as our first spring in the house finally arrives I can’t wait to see what other bushes start to bloom.  If I recall a little bit from last year (during construction) I think we have a lilac bush right our the kitchen window…my favorite.

IMG_7929 IMG_7931

Spring Indoors

March 18, 2014

The calendar may show spring’s arrival this week, but our temperatures here in New England show it is on the slow train this year, so I have decided to bring it inside!  The days are getting longer and our new home seems to be perfectly situated to get gorgeous sunlight throughout the day.  I am so glad I went with a warm light gray (Benjamin Moore Athena) throughout most of the house (save my black library).  It really seems to catch the light, keeping things bright, but also warm.  To add some spring in doors I bought some of those cheep grocery store bouquets, (ya know, the ones with a lot of “filler flowers” in them) and separated them out into these lovely barnacle shaped containers I got at TJ MAXX.  I really love the sprawling wild flower look.

SpringFlowers SpringFlowers-3


The house is coming along but, clearly I have lots of decorating, drapery and picture hanging to do but things are coming along. Living Room looking into Dinning Room. SpringFlowers-4

Wild Flowers

August 15, 2013

I found these wild flower shots the other day when I finally had some spare time to edit my photos from the last month.  They were taken over our trips to Maine in July.  I love how the Northeast absolutely explodes with wild flowers in the summer.  All that pent up winter chill just bursting at the seams as if in a hurry to catch every ray of sunshine before fall arrives.  And with Labor Day two weeks away fall is approaching fast.  I hate to wish away the summer, but the end of summer also means our house will (hopefully) be habitable.  Until then I will enjoy summer to the very last drop, and hopefully squeeze in another trip to Maine to see my sister. Don’t these fields just scream “run through me?”


IMG_1575 IMG_1582


Last week, my intern Jacalyn found the most amazing peonies for our photo shoot.  (I was Instagraming pictures of them all weekend.) They were perfect bight magenta pink and looked amazing in the photo shoot.


The peonies were pretty closed up when she purchased them at Winston’s Flowers, however, they sure did not stay that small!


With the heat we had last week they began to open almost as she stepped out of the shop.  Once we cut them and put them in fresh water, they got bigger by the second.


After the shoot I took them home to enjoy and they just got bigger and bigger.



And they started getting lighter…





By Monday they were completely bleached out!


I had never seen anything like that!  A little Google searching by Jacalyn Monday morning revealed that once cut some types of peonies bleach out…It was amazing.

SPRING! I love you.

March 19, 2010

I think Spring is may favorite time of year.  So bright and hopeful.


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