Deconstructed Fall Fashion

September 18, 2014

The other week we did a photo shoot in my new studio space (yes I moved my studio from the wonderful ladies at 369 Congress Street to the semi-finished 3rd floor of my house, but more on that later.)  For this shoot we teamed up with uber publicist Sandra Goroff who wanted some test shots of her new modeling find, Sydney Lambert.  I called in favors at one my my favorite boutiques, Holiday in Beacon Hill to borrow some fall fashion.  We also borrowed jewelery from Molly Miller designs, a Boston College student’s new clothing and accessories venture (check out their great store here.)  I had a great time styling the shot with my dear friend and fabulous stylist, Amy Hendren.  We kind of worked backward with letting the space inspire our styling choices, opting for simple, yet put-together looks.  As a busy mom of two now, I am also personally drawn to this simple, fresh feel.  A fresh face with some mascara and simple hair.  Comfortable pieces that still look put together, accented with some great jewelry, and…poof…my fall uniform.  Now just need to lose some of those lovely baby pounds.

P.S. Doesn’t Sydney remind you of a young Raquel Zimmermann or baby Gisele?



SydneyLambert_aug2014(lowres)-5 Sweater and pants: Holiday boutique.  Cami: Tibi.  Rings: Vida Fede.  Necklaces: Crescent moon: publicist’s own, Charm: Molly Miller

SydneyLambert_aug2014(lowres)-7 SydneyLambert_aug2014(lowres)-8

Sweater: Holiday Boutique


Pants: Holiday Boutique.  Coat: Zara.  Shirt: Equipment.  Ring: Etro. Hat: Target, Booth: model’s own

SydneyLambert_aug2014(lowres)-29 SydneyLambert_aug2014(lowres)-31Dress: Holiday Boutique. Clutch: Jonathan Adler.  Booties: Enzo Angiolini. Bracelet: Photographer’s own.


Necklace: Molly Miller

SydneyLambert_aug2014(lowres)-38Necklace: Molly Miller

Almost two years ago Amanda Brooks quit her job as Barneys New York’s vice president and fashion director and left New York for a life in the English Country side with her family.  To say her new life in Oxforshire is storybook like, is an understatement.  Storybooks aren’t this picturesque and “rustic” never looked this chic.  I am obsessed with following her in Instagram. Where she chronicles her daily activities such as riding, hunting, writing,  making perfect al fresco lunches for her family and chasing after an excaped pot belly pig here and there.  The Selby also did a editorial on their home and family life.  As a animal and horse obsessed little girl, this would have been my dream house in which to grow up.  Warning: It is all very landed-gentry, Downton Abby, Pride and Prejudice perfect.  I love it!

From The Selby: The House


7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS188001 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS188771 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS188831 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS190401 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS190871 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS193711 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS193861

A little girl’s dream:

7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS194471 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS194671 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS194021 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS193951 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS191801 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS191291 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS189781 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS189881 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS190001

Just living the country life:7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS186831


7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS191141 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS191271 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS192171 7_17_12_AmandaBrooksOBS196431


More picturesque images from her Instagram:

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Tibi Fall/Winter 2014

February 9, 2014

Corn flower blue, mohair coats, sweaters, skirts and boots you want to cosy into now.  The Tibi girl owns her look and is warm and comfortable while at it.  Perhaps inspired by the nations recent long freezing stretch of winter Tibi offers actual practical winter clothing for Fall/Winter 2014, but with that minimalistic edge that has come to be the signature of recent Tibi.  Throw in a few off the shoulder tops (totally on my wish list) and asymmetrical skirts showing off the knees and you get how Tibi does sexy.

From the runway.

TibiF-W2014(web)-19 TibiF-W2014(web)-20

The prefect black boot.TibiF-W2014(web)-21 TibiF-W2014(web)-22 TibiF-W2014(web)-23 TibiF-W2014(web)-24 TibiF-W2014(web)-25

This navy blue top is on my wish list for fall…as are the dark stained lips.  Love.TibiF-W2014(web)-26 TibiF-W2014(web)-27

Back Stage

TibiF-W2014(web)-2 More boots I want.

TibiF-W2014(web)-7 TibiF-W2014(web)-6 TibiF-W2014(web)-5  TibiF-W2014(web)-8 TibiF-W2014(web)-18 TibiF-W2014(web)-17 TibiF-W2014(web)-16 TibiF-W2014(web)-15 TibiF-W2014(web)-14 TibiF-W2014(web)-13 TibiF-W2014(web)-12 TibiF-W2014(web)-11 TibiF-W2014(web)-10 TibiF-W2014(web)-9


NYFW here I come!

February 8, 2014

I am sneaking off for a super quick trip to New York for Fashion Week and I couldn’t be more excited.  A little inspiration, some fashion frenzy, time to myself in a hotel room and a dinner with my cousin has me psyched.  Except for my own fashion dilemma…what to wear?!?!  I know one will be looking at me with the models, designers, fashionistas and street style starts, but I still want to looks chic or at the very least not look completely out of place.  Although at almost 6 months pregnant (I am in that…not quite looking crazy prego…just looking fat phase) and freezing temperatures my “cute” wardrobe choices are very limited.  So I have decided to just go all black, and thankfully I discovered Storq which is a new line of maternity staples.  The fabric is a super soft, comfortable cotton.  Perfect for the train and getting around.  They even use an actual pregnant model, not someone with a fake belly.  I ordered the size up they suggested and the tops seem a little big but I guess I will get bigger and the cotton may shrink upon washing.  I’ll let you know.

Packing photo 3

Me giving my best “don’t sit next to me on the train” look…it didn’t work.  Crowded 2My Storq package.

photo 1The essentials for comfort.

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 11.38.12 AMI don’t normally do these types of mood/inspiration boards on the blog, but I was putting this together for myself (yes, I can be a planning/design nerd) and decided to share it with you all.  Getting dresses each day can be such a chore, but getting dressed while pregnant can be a nightmare.  So here it is: What I am going to wear:NYFW20141. Mason coat I got on the Net-a-Porter end of season sale. 2. Ella Moss for A Pea in the Pod pleather top. 3. Statements earrings. I got a similar pair last year from this company. (With a big belly, I feel a statement necklace is too much, so I am going to opt for earrings) 4. Etro scarf my aunt handed down to me a few years ago. (one of my most favorite accessories.) 5. Delicate rings. (again, a big belly has me scaling down on the jewelry) 6. Leather leggings. I had some Christmas returns to Neiman Marcus and got myself these!  Yeeeeee!!!! 7. Booties (the were on sale in the store awhile ago, but the website shows them full price.  Don’t know why.) 8. Camera bag (Stylish and functional.  I have had this bag for a while.  Love it.)

P.S. Three of these items, and like half of wardrobe, has basically been sourced from my friend and fabulous blogger Elements of Style.  She will do her Fashion Friday posts, I’ll usually lust after some items for a few months (years in the case of the leather leggings) and then wait for them to go on sale.

P.P.S. I may or may not share a selfie of the final look.  It depends if I feel like a whale or not.:)

So what does one wear in single digit temperature? Asks this Georgia girl.  Turns out New Englanders (at least Bostonians) are just as trumped as I am.  I see people walking around the city in nothing but a hoodie sweat shirt with hands in their pockets.  What?!?!  Silly college kids.  Add to the conundrum, being pregnant and wanting some sort of style.  Plus getting a toddler ready for school when she would much rather stay snuggled in our bed.  I can’t blame her but it feel like each morning I have to make about 400 decisions before 8:30 am.  Ugh.  So I am spent some time snooping around Pinterest in the hopes of compiling an inspiration board of winter style.

Throw on an extra coat layer, gloves, hat, and scarf and most of these looks could translate to this new ice age.  (Oh and minus all the cute heals.  Heals, ice and pregnant ladies are not a good combo.  I promised the hubby.)  I also noticed a theme in my picks: black, white, camel, gray and stripes.  How Parisian, simple of me…or so I like to think.




Elle McPherson (source: help)


@alyson_haley twitter


Atlantic Pacific







Sea of Shoes

_Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons, NYMag, The Cut

I have resorted back to ripping things out of catalogues old school style, then photographing them with my iPhone.  A little ass backwards I realize, but sometimes it just works.  Especially for J.Crew.  They really seem to knock it out of the styling park when it comes to their catalogue, now called a style guide.  I usually do a quick flip through the print copy on the kitchen island as the hubs plops down the mail.  The most recent issue was chalk-full of styling ideas for shorts.  For some reason, outside of the athletic arena, shorts are always a challenge for me but I am loving these ideas.  Now bring on the beach!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Uniform Dressing

April 23, 2013

While I love, love, love fashion there are many mornings I miss the no brainer aspect of all my years growing up wearing a uniform to school.  As I was switching my closet over from winter to spring clothes, I realized I still do have a “uniform.”  One look at my Pinterest board on fashion confirms my taste.  A silk shirt, skinny pants and ballet flats are my crazy day “go-to” outfit, but I also realized my uniform needed a little tweaking and inspiration.  (Tweaking that did not require a shopping spree.)  There is the saying, we wear 20% or our wardrobe 80% of the time, which begs the question: how do I incorporate some of those loved but not super worn items?  To help me answer that question, I pulled some of my spring favorites from my Pinterest board.   I swear I have some variation of everything pictured.  Here is my (ideal) spring uniform:



Behind the Scenes

February 20, 2013

Okay, enough with my pity party.  The past few weeks I have had some amazing photo shoots not to mention a great trip to warm Georgia, so I should really stop being a cry baby about my other road bumps (sick household and cracked computer.)  One photo shoot was with one of my favorite clients, Louis, for their woman’s resort collection.  We had the stunning model Jax and a great sky blue back drop.  Love, love, loved the editorial feel of this shoot.  It doesn’t hurt when you get to photograph clothes from the likes of Marni, Proenza Schouler and Roland Mouret to name a few.

IMG_7802 IMG_7810   IMG_7775


I also got to photograph some gorgeous hair with new client, Salon Mario Russo.  Bring on the pretty!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 4

Thanks to my interns Amanda and Jordan for the behind the scenes footage.  Oh yeah, I am doing the whole thing so if you have the app, check me out under Sarah_W_Studios.

Art and fashion

November 2, 2012

I am so excited I can finally share this photo shoot with you all.  A few weeks ago I photographed some amazing fall fashions for Louis at the DeCorvoda Sculpture Park and Museum.  This was a dream come true photo shoot for me, combining my love of art history, fashion and photography.  It was a great day of shooting, despite the fact that it rain during the entire day long shoot.  I actually think it made for some moodier shots.



Dewitt Godfrey, “Lincoln” (2012), DeCordova Sculpture Park & Museum, Lincoln, MA


Julianne Swartz, “Elevator Music” (2005), DeCordova Sculpture Park & Museum, Lincoln, MA



Dan Graham, “Crazy Spheroid – Two Entrances” (2009), DeCordova Sculpture Park & Museum, Lincoln, MA

Jaume Plensa, “Humming” (2011), DeCordova Sculpture Park & Museum, Lincoln, MA


Laura Ford, “Bird” (2007), DeCordova Sculpture Park & Museum, Lincoln, MA


Jim Dine, “Two Big Black Hearts” at DeCordova Sculpture Park & Museum, Lincoln, MA


Roy Lichtenstein, “Five Brushstrokes” (1985), DeCordova Sculpture Park & Museum, Lincoln, MA




Front Row at a Fashion Show

September 12, 2012

Last weekend I packed up my camera gear, kissed bébé goodbye for my first night away and hopped a train to New York. I was a ball of nervous energy, excitement and sheer joy. I absolutely eat up all the Fashion Week hullabaloo with a sterling silver spoon. (P.S. have never used the word hullabaloo before but it is stuck in my head…seems appropriate.)

Anyway, I got to photograph backstage at the Tibi fashion show and then sat front row! As a seat filler of course. I kind of love being this low key, nobody, snapping away among the flurry of models, make-up artist, socialites and self-important fashion reporters. I find it fascinating. And as an unapologetic fan of fashion shows and Tibi clothing in particular, I love seeing what designer Amy Smilovic has in store for next season. Let me tell you, it is black and white, minimal, sleek and very wearable. It’s Céline meets 90’s Calvin Klein, but at a much more feasible price point.

Front of the House

Although my seat was front row, it didn’t really lend itself to a great camera angle of the clothes…those girls walk FAST and my shutter speed could barely keep up with them. For the full show look-by-look go to but for some shots from my point of view, see below. Plus my seat mate, the designer’s darling 10 year old son made for some fun conversation. At one point he leans over, looking at the screen on my camera and goes, “its at 2.8 (referring to my aperture setting), that is good.” What?!?!?! You rock kid!

Next: all the back stage action.


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