Tibi Fall/Winter 2014

February 9, 2014

Corn flower blue, mohair coats, sweaters, skirts and boots you want to cosy into now.  The Tibi girl owns her look and is warm and comfortable while at it.  Perhaps inspired by the nations recent long freezing stretch of winter Tibi offers actual practical winter clothing for Fall/Winter 2014, but with that minimalistic edge that has come to be the signature of recent Tibi.  Throw in a few off the shoulder tops (totally on my wish list) and asymmetrical skirts showing off the knees and you get how Tibi does sexy.

From the runway.

TibiF-W2014(web)-19 TibiF-W2014(web)-20

The prefect black boot.TibiF-W2014(web)-21 TibiF-W2014(web)-22 TibiF-W2014(web)-23 TibiF-W2014(web)-24 TibiF-W2014(web)-25

This navy blue top is on my wish list for fall…as are the dark stained lips.  Love.TibiF-W2014(web)-26 TibiF-W2014(web)-27

Back Stage

TibiF-W2014(web)-2 More boots I want.

TibiF-W2014(web)-7 TibiF-W2014(web)-6 TibiF-W2014(web)-5  TibiF-W2014(web)-8 TibiF-W2014(web)-18 TibiF-W2014(web)-17 TibiF-W2014(web)-16 TibiF-W2014(web)-15 TibiF-W2014(web)-14 TibiF-W2014(web)-13 TibiF-W2014(web)-12 TibiF-W2014(web)-11 TibiF-W2014(web)-10 TibiF-W2014(web)-9


Behind the scenes

November 14, 2012

Two days ago I photographed a shoot which turned out to be one of the easiest and most fun I have done to date.  The props available to us were spectacularly oversized and my subjects were a bunch of creative bloggers.  You will have to wait until this coming Monday to see the final product but for now, here are some behind the scenes teasers.

A special thanks too all my photo subjects for sharing all the backstage moments.

Art and fashion

November 2, 2012

I am so excited I can finally share this photo shoot with you all.  A few weeks ago I photographed some amazing fall fashions for Louis at the DeCorvoda Sculpture Park and Museum.  This was a dream come true photo shoot for me, combining my love of art history, fashion and photography.  It was a great day of shooting, despite the fact that it rain during the entire day long shoot.  I actually think it made for some moodier shots.



Dewitt Godfrey, “Lincoln” (2012), DeCordova Sculpture Park & Museum, Lincoln, MA


Julianne Swartz, “Elevator Music” (2005), DeCordova Sculpture Park & Museum, Lincoln, MA



Dan Graham, “Crazy Spheroid – Two Entrances” (2009), DeCordova Sculpture Park & Museum, Lincoln, MA

Jaume Plensa, “Humming” (2011), DeCordova Sculpture Park & Museum, Lincoln, MA


Laura Ford, “Bird” (2007), DeCordova Sculpture Park & Museum, Lincoln, MA


Jim Dine, “Two Big Black Hearts” at DeCordova Sculpture Park & Museum, Lincoln, MA


Roy Lichtenstein, “Five Brushstrokes” (1985), DeCordova Sculpture Park & Museum, Lincoln, MA




The kids are all right

October 18, 2012

Late last night, as I was perusing my Pintrest boards, I caught sight of a fabulous photograph of a child. We are not talking the Christmas card family photography with which we are all familiar, but a cool, editorial style fashion image. It lead me to my new obsession…the blog Smudgetikka. The site is penned by Linda McLean, fashion director at Junior Magazine, a UK based publication. She blogs about her job, location scouting and all the great editorials she sees for children’s fashion. (What is it about Europeans and great children’s clothing?!?! No cartoon characters and silly princess crap, just darling, age appropriate clothes.)

This now has my mind churning with ideas for a children’s fashion shoot. I adore working with my fashion clients and would love to bring that look to a children’s shoot.

Here are some editorials pulled from Smudgetikka blog.


I love the magical feel of this woodland themed shoot, by Beatrice Heydiri for Collezioni Magazine.


And the princess in armor of this one by Emma Tunbridg.


And Anders Hald for Petit Nord

I love all of them so much! Now excuse my while I go dress up my daughter in a Celtic warrior suit of arms and go photograph her by the water on a cloudy blustery day.

DeCrodova Sculpture Park

September 25, 2012

I am preparing for a fashion photo shoot at the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum scheduled to shoot in a week, so last week I popped out to do a little location scouting  The museum and grounds are so wonderful, a hidden gem just in the suburbs of Boston.  I am beyond excited to photograph there!!!!  Here are a few sculpture that caught my eye, but I can’t share them all.  You will have to wait for the final product.



September 14, 2012

The backstage at the Tibi fashion show was exactly as you might imagine the back stage at a fashion show to be. Crazy, fun, glamorous. PR girls running with head sets strapped to their body, models young enough to be in high school sitting quietly playing on their iPhones as hair stylist, make-up artists and photographers buzz around them and the fashion camera crews filming clips and segways for various, podcasts, blogs, TV stations etc.. Although the backstage space at this season’s Tibi show was enormous, an entire separate floor in a Chelsea warehouse, so the buzz didn’t seem as frantic…well except for the fact there were tornado warnings during pre-show.

Front Row at a Fashion Show

September 12, 2012

Last weekend I packed up my camera gear, kissed bébé goodbye for my first night away and hopped a train to New York. I was a ball of nervous energy, excitement and sheer joy. I absolutely eat up all the Fashion Week hullabaloo with a sterling silver spoon. (P.S. have never used the word hullabaloo before but it is stuck in my head…seems appropriate.)

Anyway, I got to photograph backstage at the Tibi fashion show and then sat front row! As a seat filler of course. I kind of love being this low key, nobody, snapping away among the flurry of models, make-up artist, socialites and self-important fashion reporters. I find it fascinating. And as an unapologetic fan of fashion shows and Tibi clothing in particular, I love seeing what designer Amy Smilovic has in store for next season. Let me tell you, it is black and white, minimal, sleek and very wearable. It’s Céline meets 90’s Calvin Klein, but at a much more feasible price point.

Front of the House

Although my seat was front row, it didn’t really lend itself to a great camera angle of the clothes…those girls walk FAST and my shutter speed could barely keep up with them. For the full show look-by-look go to Style.com. but for some shots from my point of view, see below. Plus my seat mate, the designer’s darling 10 year old son made for some fun conversation. At one point he leans over, looking at the screen on my camera and goes, “its at 2.8 (referring to my aperture setting), that is good.” What?!?!?! You rock kid!

Next: all the back stage action.

So I am heading to New York tomorrow for a quick little taste and some photographing of fashion week. I know I should be all blasé about going to fashion week, but inside I am about as cool as a pre-teen, hopped up on pixie sticks about to meet One Direction. I love this shit! (pardon the French) This will also be the first night I am away from bébé and I am equal parts scared and excited…well lets be honest…I am a little more on the excited side. Arrivederci!

Here are some of my pics from last September’s Fashion Week. I cannot wait to share this season’s with you. Wish me luck! Yeeeeeeee!

P.S. I totally this yellow dress on sample sale at the Tibi Outlet in August!


See you soon New York!

I absolutely adore how this photo shoot with Panorama Magazine came out.  The retro feel, the saturated colors…love, love, love.   I just get giddy when location, styling and the art direction of a photo shoot all come together to produce such fun images.  Special thanks to Samantha House coordinating all these moving parts.  She always has such great vision and creativity.


Building my portfolio

May 2, 2012

The amazingly talented Samantha House held a fabulous party last week in celebration of her many jewelry lines.  She asked me to pop by and photograph the models.  The model were clad in Samantha House couture necklaces and the most amazing dresses made of paper.  The were like living works of art.  I am thrilled with their outcome and love that I can add them to my fashion photography portfolio.

P.S. I am working on a June 1 launch of a new website and will have all my portfolios up there.  I am so excited!




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