If you following me on Instagram you probably saw me post photo after photo of a wedding this weekend.  Well, sorry for the duplicate Instagram and blog photos, but the wedding was beyond gorgeous.  A dear family friend got married in true preppy New England style with the nautical setting at the bride’s grandparents’ home on Duxbury bay.  I have known this family since for many years and first visited Duxbury with my family the summer I was 12.  As a girl growing up in Georgia, Duxbury was my first exposure to New England and has always set the bar for what it means for something to be so “New England.”  It holds a special place in my heart.  In fact I seem to have a whole category on my blog devoted to the place

The wedding festivities were complete with a bridal party arrival from the church via boat, a fresh oyster bar, lawn games and mention of not one but two trusted, family Labradors in the Father of the Bride speech.  Haha  No to mention but it was also our first night out since baby number two’s arrival.  I was thrilled to get dressed up, kick up my heels with my husband, stuff my face with oysters, and have a glass of wine (or 3).  Here are some of my iPhone photos from the gorgeous event and cheers to Katie and Sander.  XOXO

IMG_1939 IMG_1940 IMG_1941 IMG_1946 IMG_1955 IMG_1964 IMG_1968 IMG_1971 IMG_1978

Spring is FINALLY peeking it’s flower buds here in Boston, services are being held for the MIT police officer, the two young women and the young boy who were killed in the Boston Marathon bombings of last week, and the city seems to be healing.  I heard a quote on the radio the other day that really got me thinking.  After you have something like a bomb got off in your hometown, you realize “everytime a bomb goes off somewhere it is someone’s hometown.”  We do not live with daily scares as cities like Baghdad, Kandahar, Jerusalem or even New York do, but it was my hometown this time.  Last weekend we needed a mental and physical change of scenery so we went down to the beautiful coastal town of Duxbury, MA to stay with some friends, run in the grass and play with their crazy yellow labs, Olivia and George.

Photos with my iPhone

As we took a walk on the beach we saw some people clamming, right off the neighborhood.  How cool is that?

photo 1 photo 2 photo 4 photo 5

Weekend Update

August 27, 2012

Yes, it is once again, time for another installment of “Weekend Update.”  If you are sick of seeing photos of the beach and ocean then I suggest you tune out from this blog until after Labor Day, because I will be eking out every last minute of summer.  This past weekend we visited friends in Duxbury, ate lobster, played on the beach, swam off the dock and got pile drived by an over eager yellow lab…the later just happened to me and was totally my fault.  I mean, in the la la land, coastal town of Duxbury, one should just expect a yellow lab to be following you everywhere, especially if you jump off a dock in the the beautiful blue ocean waters.  For more on why I love Duxbury see my earlier post this summer, here.


Next weekend…Maine to see the sis, so prepare for more gratuitous beach shots.

Let me tell you, Duxbury knows how to do the 4th of July!  (They even have a website.) We are talking beach, ocean, boats, parade, road race, fireworks, family, cookouts…you name it.  My weekend in Duxbury yielded the most storybook 4th of July.   New Englanders take the 4th to another level.  I guess having so much Revolutionary history here really sets the tone.  I have some very dear and old family friends (we are talking more than 20 years) who live in Duxbury, MA. and invited my husband and I  to spend the 4th of July weekend with them.  What a beautiful weekend!

When I was 11 years old my family visited our friends one summer and ever since that trip, Duxbury always represented this perfect, quintessential New England town for me.  Well let me tell you, it is still lives up to that 11 year old girl’s memory.  Breathtaking views of the marsh and bay, radiant sunsets, boats and families…the place is almost too perfect.  I just love it.  It makes me want to run away to the country, buy a boat and tend to my hydrangea garden all day long…too bad there is that whole working to make money thing.:)



On the evening of the 3rd of July, the town throws a huge bonfire.  We walked over to the beach at sunset to see the spectacle.

What a sight.

The light was wonderful.

Steve took some photos of me.


4th of July

The day started of with a Road Race.  We went to the home of my freinds’ parents/grandparents, who live on the race route to hand out water.  Our water cups were all lined up as the lead car drove by and the elite runners soon followed.

Ready and waiting for thirsty runners



Then we headed back to my friends’ house for a cookout and the parade.  They live right on the route.

Vintage cars


Goodies thrown from the floats.


Dog days of summer

What would summer be without sweet lovable labs?   Yellow labs, George and Olivia are hilarious.

At one point I thought Steve might take one home with us…


Evening Cruise

That evening we took their boat over to Plymouth to watch the fireworks.  The fireworks were great and a ton of fun but the sunset was breathtaking, going from a brilliant orange to a deep purple.

Happy Birthday America, what a great weekend.


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