For the past year I have been working various different photo shoots and projects for a new design and lifestyle book by Erin Gates of Elements of Style.  Two weeks ago we shot her head shot for the book and yesterday the book went on pre-sale on!  Knowing that she has impeccable taste I was thrilled and honored when she asked me to help contribute some of my photography skills to her book.  I knew she wasn’t just asking me as a friend as she wouldn’t settle for less than perfect for her book. (Over the years I have had the pleasure of working closely with Erin; I shared my first studio space in Boston with her, and have also come to call her a dear friend.)  I am also humbled to have my photography credit name next to some of my interior photographer idols and fellow contributors Michael Partenio and Michael J Lee.  On top of all that, the book pre-order sales made Elements of style #1 best selling Home Decorating book on Amazon and top 50 on all of Amazon!  Crazy.  Pre-order yours now so you won’t have to wait come the release date.  Looks like there will surely be addition printing needed!  Congrats Erin and I am so so thrilled to be a part of this book in even my small way.  (Don’t worry, mom, mother-in-law, sister and sister-in-laws…I have already per-ordered some for you.)  Pre-order it here.


Cover photograph by Michael J Lee.

Unused head shot from our shoot…you will have to get the book to see which photo she choose.


The dogs were not always this cooperative.



Dog Costumes

October 26, 2012

Is there anything funnier than a dog in a costume…I don’t think so.  The other day we did some Haloween pet and baby photography.  I love my job!  Jessica Sutton’s pup Oscar made for a great Waldo.


Weekend Update

June 11, 2012

I guess I am starting each blogging week with a weekend update.  Kind of lame I know, but I have a lot of work projects in motion which I can’t share just yet.  So for now we will have our weekend updates. This weekend update is brought to you by iPhone (and a little Photoshop filtering), because somewhere in New Hampshire (on our way to Maine) I realized I had forgotten my camera.  At least I remembered the baby.:)

Our drive up to Maine Friday evening was a bit hairy.  Wind, rain, lightning, I felt like I was back in the south.


But the storm cleared and made way for a gorgeous Saturday and Sunday.

Maine wildflowers


Doing the suburban thing and going to the garden center.  Loving these marigolds.  Great inspiration for a photo shoot I am planning, shooting and styling.


Cliff walk and light house.  So Maine.




Baby’s first solid food.  In my sister’s sterling sliver antique baby porridge bowl and sterling silver spoon…naturally.


And one tired puppy (Jake the Spinone)

Happy Monday, five more days until next weekend and counting.

All is quiet

December 27, 2011

We had a wonderful relaxing Christmas with family, including Christmas Eve dinner with the in-laws and then Christmas Day up in Maine with my sister.  We arrived in Maine just as the snow began to fall giving us a white Christmas.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas filled with family, friends and food.

Jake at Willard Beach, Cape Elisabeth, ME

Taken with Instagram then applied some HDR toning.


Willard Beach, Cape Elisabeth, ME

Taken with my Canon (as usual)


Maine.  Even in the chill of early spring, with patches of snow still on the ground Maine is just a gorgeous gorgeous place.  We popped up there last weekend for a little getaway and some TLC from my awesome sister.  The snow is slowly subsiding, the grass has a hint of green indicating spring is on its way, and the coastal paths are finally free of ice.  We made full use of the sunny day, bundled up and headed out for a coastal walk.  Of course all of this must be done with a super cool Maine dog…Jake the Spinone and former Orvis cover dog was happy to oblige.



Have a great weekend everyone!


Celebration time

August 5, 2010

I cannot thank my wonderful, wonderful husband enough.  Last night he threw me a fabulous party in celebration of the Orvis Dog Book Cover and to raise a little money for NEADS (Dogs For Deaf and Disabled Americans).  So many friends and family came out to join in the festivities and we even got a special visit from a NEADS dog in training.  I did not take many photographs as I was having too good of a time, but here are a few.


My husband choose his favorite neighborhood bar for the venue, The 21st Amendment.  It really is his “Cheers.”  We can’t walk by there with out seeing someone we know.  The inside is as historic as you can get.  Originally built in 1899, it has had a few different names, but the inside with the dark wood beams, stone floors and fireplace are historic Boston.

A little camera test shot.  I just love those Tudor style windows.


I auctioned off a pet photography session and Rebecca Willson from The Urban Hound auctioned off a 5 night stay in a luxury suite at their brand new dog hotel.  We raised over $700 for NEADS!  Thank you everyone for your bids and donations.

Notice anything?  I am working on a new logo and website.  I had business cards made and put the new logo on the auction sheet.  What do you think?


Donna Laconti from NEADS joined us and brought along the adorable Perry, a yellow lab still in training.  Perry graduates in November and will go to a disabled Iraqi war veteran.

Perry the super dog.  Perry, husband Steve, Steve O’Brian, Helen (mom in-law)


Steve and I loving on Perry


Steve O’Brian (L), surprised me and had these t-shirts made.  So fun.  The bar tenders and staff were all wearing one.

Steve and Andrew


And then they brought out one of those fabulous, sugary sheet cakes with the image on it!  So cute.

Steve O’Brian even pointed out that they intentionally had a marble cake made, because Jake has brown and white spots.  They wanted the cake to match Jake!  Love it.


Bad photo, but I had to share this one of me and the three girls I use to baby sit in Atlanta and Philadelphia (while at college).  They are all in their 20’s now!  How old does that make me?!?!?!  Such cute smart girls.  We look like we could all be sisters.


It was a fun fun party and we raised some money for a great cause. By the end of the night we were pooped.  Thank you to all who came out to support.

Cover Shoot!

July 21, 2010


Orvis Dog Book – Fall 2010

I am so excited I can finally announce, that my photograph won the cover of the Fall 2010 Orvis Dog Book!

I took this photograph of Jake, my sister’s darling Spinoine Italiano (Yes I know it sounds like an ice cream flavor), when he was just 3 months old.  I sent the photograph into Orvis a few months ago and was told in late May that Jake and I had gotten the cover!


I am just thrilled and honored to be a part of the Orvis Dog Book.  Scoring the cover of a magazine or catalogue is a photographers’ dream.  I am just beyond excited.  Jake on the other hand had become a total diva:)


This is Jake at Christmas, sitting on my 6-foot tall husband’s lap.  As you can see, he has grown quite a bit since his puppy days and really is such a good boy.


We are going to have a little celebration her in Boston in the coming weeks as the catalogue hits stores and mailboxes, so stay tuned.  Celebrating with Jake, my mom and my sister tonight!  Hurrah.

I found the people at Brimfield facinating.  From the treasure hunters like us to antique dealers and specialist.  Some were kind and friendly, dying to share stories with us about their goods.  Others, shooed us away, exclaiming No Photographs, at the sight of my camera.  The girl above looked so chic and pulled together despite the 90+ temperatures.  Had I turned the camera around…well…you would have seen a sweaty hot mess.


This guy was the epitome of the cool antique dealer.


The odd couple.  He with his Rex Sox cap and she with her Yankees…antiquing in peace.


Dogs were everywhere to be seen.  Each dealer had a trusty pup by their side, just trying to find some shade.

I can’t believe we lasted as long as we did at the show, but the site of one amazing piece had you dying to explore one more row, or one more field.  I can’t wait to go back…Although next time I might demand to be pushed around in something like this, complete with built in fan…lucky dog.

You’ re an animal baby!

January 13, 2010

Animals are one of my favorite things to photograph.  As a photographer you have little to no control over them, but I often find them doing the craziest, funniest, most beautiful things, almost as if they know their photo is being taken.  Just look at these guys…

Wine Shop Guard Dog

Shar pei  in Valldemossa, Majorca, Spain


Kitties of Spain

Vespa Kitty

“Leave me alone”

Perfect Profile Pose

Camo Kitty

The world is your trash can, just waiting to be rummaged.


Dogs of Maine

Christmas dinner at my sister’s house in Maine consisted of 8 people, 1 Spinone, 1 Pug, and an 8 month old Llewellin Setter.  It was wild and fun to say the least…well at least until my sister stepped in Mya’s surprise she left upstais…Oops.

Sophie the Pug

Mya the Llweellin Setter

Feeling very sorry for the accident she had in which my sister stepped, and also looking like the Luck Dragon from the “Never Ending Story.”

Jake the Spinone – king of the house

And giant lap dog


Horses, horses, horses, horses


Melissa & Cody


November 12, 2009


I always have such an amazingly wonderful and relaxing time when I visit Maine.  The ocean, the walks, the November light, my sister’s dog Jake, the wheat-free almond goodies at Scratch Baking, Co. near Willard Beach…everything there is like a beautiful storybook, and it was great fun to have a little girl time with my sister.  She better be careful, with Boston only a 2 1/2 hour drive away I plan on becoming a more frequent visitor.


Willard Beach, Cape Elizabeth, ME

Willard Beachsm


Jake the Spinone

Part muppet, part regal hunting dog, Jake is perhaps the coolest dog I have ever seen.  He is enormous and hilarious and has these human eyes that are so expressive.


Just look at him preening for the camera…



Jake’s across the street neighbor, Pushy the Old English Sheep dog.


Walking Jake at night


To Danforth Cove


So wonderful.  Can’t wait to go back.  *Sigh


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