Friday Night Lights

September 29, 2014

Friday was my 5th Wedding Anniversary to my wonderful husband and we did the most spectacular thing ever…took 24 hours for just us.  We (tried) to take a half day of work on Friday, logged off and packed up the car to make the long 5 mile trek from our home to the downtown Boston Ritz.  We had an afternoon massage, walked around the Boston Common and Garden, grabbed a drink at the beautiful Taj Hotel bar over looking the park and ate dinner at an old favorite (Beacon Hill Bistro) from our days in Beacon Hill.  Then we slept for a blessed, uninterrupted 10 hours.  It is amazing how much you don’t realize you need a 24 hour get away, until you get it.  We returned back to our crazy little family Saturday afternoon, feeling refreshed, connected and ready to get thrown back into mommy and daddy land.  Now if we could just have this every month. (Don’t worry Grammy and Grampy…we won’t.)

Beacon Hill Night

Here we are heading out for cocktails (or an assassination as one friend commented), in the exact post where he proposed.


Design New England

September 4, 2014

(Gasp…has it really been almost a month since my last post?!?!?!  For shame, for shame.  Never fear, with Fall always seems to come a renewed vigor and seriousness…that and more help on the childcare front for me.)

What a fabulous way to start fall and my dive back into working after a summer of semi-maternity leave.  The September/October 2014 issue of Design New England features and article on an old barn artists Dora Atwater Millikin loving renovated and turned into her studio.  Below are some spreads but pop over to Design New England to read the full article or pick one up if you live in New England.


DorisAtwaterMillikin-1 DorisAtwaterMillikin-2 DorisAtwaterMillikin-3 DorisAtwaterMillikin-4 DorisAtwaterMillikin-5 DorisAtwaterMillikin-6 DorisAtwaterMillikin-contents

This and That

June 3, 2014

As I, not so patiently, await baby #2, I am filling my days with all sorts of craziness.   Tying up loose work ends and getting all my new website materials to the talented ladies at JSGD. Nesting like crazy, the hubs and I pressure washed, sanded and painted the porch floor last weekend.  And basically acting like a crazy 9 month pregnant lady.  Here are some images from my last week.

A little rainy day outing on Newbury Street.  I just love how the city looks in the rain.


Family outing to the zoo.


(photo by my husband Stephen Curry)IMG_1422

A walk in a secret garden we found.  I guess they don’t call Newton the “garden city” for nothing.  I am looking forward to a summer of exploring with my little ones.



Now, come on baby #2.  At this point I will be much more mobile with him out than in my belly.  It is like wielding around a 30 lb, very uncomfortable, beach ball attached to my stomach.

Stopping by the woods

March 17, 2014

It seems like everyone is just dying for spring this year.  The sound of a few hardy birds in the morning and bunny tracks in the snow in our back yard have me believing it can’t be too far off.  Temperatures “soared” into the 50’s on Saturday and we just had to spend some time outside.  I don’t think I have every watched the weather so acutely as I do, now that I have a toddler.  It is not just in regards of how to dress, but can we go outside?!?!  Being outside seems essential to my 2 year old’s mental state and hence…my mental state…  So we did some research about nearby hiking trails and found there is a huge and lovely nature area, the Newton Conservation Land Trust, not even a mile from our new home.  Bliss!  City access with nature out our back door.  What could be better?  The trails were still fairly icy but it made of a great morning out.  Folowed by a Shake Shack burger and Pinkberry yogurt.  I love the “burbs.”  Now if these New England temperatures would quite falling again.

ChestnutHillConservationLand-4 ChestnutHillConservationLand-3  ChestnutHillConservationLand-5

ChestnutHillConservationLand-2 ChestnutHillConservationLand-6 ChestnutHillConservationLand

For the past year I have been working various different photo shoots and projects for a new design and lifestyle book by Erin Gates of Elements of Style.  Two weeks ago we shot her head shot for the book and yesterday the book went on pre-sale on!  Knowing that she has impeccable taste I was thrilled and honored when she asked me to help contribute some of my photography skills to her book.  I knew she wasn’t just asking me as a friend as she wouldn’t settle for less than perfect for her book. (Over the years I have had the pleasure of working closely with Erin; I shared my first studio space in Boston with her, and have also come to call her a dear friend.)  I am also humbled to have my photography credit name next to some of my interior photographer idols and fellow contributors Michael Partenio and Michael J Lee.  On top of all that, the book pre-order sales made Elements of style #1 best selling Home Decorating book on Amazon and top 50 on all of Amazon!  Crazy.  Pre-order yours now so you won’t have to wait come the release date.  Looks like there will surely be addition printing needed!  Congrats Erin and I am so so thrilled to be a part of this book in even my small way.  (Don’t worry, mom, mother-in-law, sister and sister-in-laws…I have already per-ordered some for you.)  Pre-order it here.


Cover photograph by Michael J Lee.

Unused head shot from our shoot…you will have to get the book to see which photo she choose.


The dogs were not always this cooperative.



Snow Day

January 23, 2014

We got another round of snow yesterday, although not too bad, just 3-4 inches (oh God I sound like a New Englander now!), but there was worry it would be much more so schools and appointments were canceled, and that meant we had an official snow day!  My first as a mom with a little one in school.  Pre-school mind you, but still.  We stayed in our PJ’s all morning, watched The Little Mermaid, and I had a dear old friend come and visit for a late lunch while the little one napped.  It actually turned out to be quite a wonderful, rejuvenating day, creatively and family wise.  I even had a chance to pop out with my camera.  Two New Years’ resolutions realized in one day…spend more quality time with my daughter and get inspired creatively.  Thanks Beyond Boston Chic for the conversation and inspiration.  xoxo

Succulents make great winter flowers.  Hard to kill and have the crisp clean feel of winter.IMG_6638IMG_6634

 IMG_6624 IMG_6628

View from my kitchen windowIMG_6629

Winter light


Changing of the gaurd

January 6, 2014

Today it a fairly historic day in the city of Boston, Mayor Thomas Menino, the city’s longest serving mayor will be stepping down at 71 years old.  Now I am a “new” Bostonian but the significance is not lost.  A few weeks ago I was hired to photograph an event in which the mayor would be attending and speaking.  Regardless of your politics I found it a pretty special honor to photograph this historic figure in his final days of office.

FamilyAidBoston_Dec2013(lowres)-52 FamilyAidBoston_Dec2013(lowres)-54

Now onto the new.  It will be interesting to see how the city changes and evolves in the coming years under Marty Walsh.

* Note: I now officially reside in the City of Newton so I did not vote in this election, but my business it located in the City of Boston.

The Carousel

May 20, 2013

The carousel in the park is open and we finally had the chance to hop on it this weekend. Growing up I was obsessed with carousels. Well anything horses really. At the age of 5 when my parents took our family to Disney World all I wanted to do was ride the carousel over and over. I was secretly relieved when I was deemed to small to do on Space Mountain and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride scared the crap out of me so much my father could barely keep me in the car, but the carousel was the best. I have a feeling we will be visiting this a lot this summer…for…ummmm the baby, right.

P.S. I of course raced for the zebra one. Got to get the prettiest horsy.

Shot with my iPhone

photo 5

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Yesterday, my friend, client, and hair guru, Jeffrey Lyle participated in the Celeste-a-thon.  A fundraiser to benefit, Boston Marathon bombing victims and survivors Celeste Corcoran and her daughter Sydney.  (Celeste lost both of her legs from her knee down and Sydney suffered from shrapnel wounds and arterial damage in her legs.)  Celeste has been a stylist at EMERGE Spa & Salon on Newbury Street for 13 years and yesterday salons up and down the street participated in a day of cuts and blow-outs to help benefit and fund their recovery costs.  Jeffrey worked with Celeste for many years.  Great looking hair for a great cause…heck yeah!  It was a wonderful day.

Jeffrey and his pups, Rocco and Veronica.



The famous Nespresso maker at Jeffery’s Salon.  I love this thing.  The perfect cup every time.  I think I need one for my studio.


Rocco, ruling the salon for the day.


Playing Tourist

April 29, 2013

We played tourist in our own city this weekend.  We walked around Beacon Hill, we picnicked in the Commons, and we rode the famous Sawn Boats in the Boston Public Garden.  The whole city seemed alive and kickin.  It was the perfect warm Spring weekend.

If you visit Boston, I highly recommend taking a ride on the old Swan Boats.  The whole experience harkens back to an age when one would simple promenade around the garden and take a ride.  The worn wooden benches have layer upon layer of lacquer and the aged iron still gleams.  It is a little step back in time.  And the price isn’t outrageous.

IMG_7435   IMG_7444IMG_7422lowres

IMG_7447    IMG_7464


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