Beautiful Bonaire

December 5, 2010

As I returned from Bonaire, unpacked, (then repacked for a quick business trip) and downloaded ALL my photos, I realized I didn’t have half as many photographs as I usually have from my travels.  I guess that is even more proof of my “really checking out” and getting away from it all.  Bonaire is not your typical Caribbean island.  It had no large hotels, not very many cruise ships stop there and many of the roads are little more than one-way dirt paths.  It is a SCUBA diving/windsurfing getaway; a little rustic and adventurous and completely wonderful.  We spent half our days exploring the island underwater and the other half driving around in a pick-up truck exploring the land.




I was so excited to work on my underwater photography.  I bought a new housing for my point and shoot camera and rented a strobe for added light under water.  I did one dive to get the feel and play with the settings.  As I went for my second dive, horrors of all horrors…my brand new housing was leaking!!!!  There was water in with my camera and the device was shot.  I quickly pulled out my memory card in the hopes of saving what few photos I took.  I wish I had more chances to take photographs underwater, but thank God it wasn’t my SLR.  I might have had a heart attack…and note to all, Ikelite housing are crap now.  I had my old point and shoot housing from them for 4 years and not a single problem.  This one I had for two dives.  Oh well.  Live and learn.


I was obsessed with the colors and patterns of the coral and sponges.


Lac Bay

Gorgeous and enormous shallow bay perfect for windsurfing.


The largest foo-foo cocktail I have ever seen…with the strangest garnish.  Our new friend Andrew, wasn’t too keen on his “new friend.”


That’s more like it.:)


Blissful in Bonaire

Now Christmas time!!!!


Back to reality

November 27, 2010

It is amazing what a week away can do!  Especially, when you have the opportunity to really check out, as we did on the beautiful Caribbean island of Bonaire.  Located 50 miles north of Venezuela and 30 miles east of Curacao, the island of Bonarie felt worlds away from Boston.   Here are a few teaser photographs as I unpack, download my photos and slowly come back from Bonaire bliss.  I hope everyone (in the states) had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday.





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