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I am a Georgia girl now living in the great white north of New England…Boston…Beacon Hill to be exact.  I followed a boy, my husband and rockstar of my world.  I started this blog to share my work and inspiration, and to challenge myself beyond the doldrums of everyday projects.   As a commercial photographer and graphic artist the parameters of what the client needs and wants, often come first.  While I strive to deliver my unique and artistic approach within those needs (I went to catholic school for many, many, many years (kindergarden-college) so I am well versed at operating within rules…yet trying to push the boundaries just a bit) this blog is an opportunity for me to let loose.  An online exhibition of sorts that is constantly changing and evolving.

I hope you enjoy my photographs, travels, inspiration, designs and the occasional self-indulgent post.


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  1. Hey Sarah,
    Hope you are doing well. I just found you’re blog online your photos are awesome! It sounds like you guys are busy. I’ve been in the stone age and just got our blog up and running. I actually got some great pictures on some concrete elements and of course we only used quikrete products:) check the photos out at
    I’ve got a bunch more photos so check back soon.

    Well I hope you and the QK family are doing well and thanks again for great products.

    Carve your initials in Concrete-
    John Jarvis

  2. Alexis said

    Hi Sarah

    Have just discovered your blog today – it looks really interesting so I’m looking forward to reading more of it soon. Someone has probably already told you that those unusual orange flowers your saw in the florist are Banksias and most of them are native to Western Australia where I live (Perth)
    here is a link for more info. They are great for arrangements because they last for so long.
    I am also a shoe lover and it is difficult to satiate my desires as we are the most isolated city in the world!!
    all the best


  3. Sarah,
    I love you site and have followed Atlantis Home for some time now. I ,too, have a blog for the same reasons you do and went to Catholic schools for 13 years. After being suited up in a uniform for much of that time, I love clothes! hope you like our blog. elizabeth

  4. Vi Nguyen said

    Hello Sarah,

    I found following your blog very interesting. I thought I wanted to say hi to you. My name is Vi and I’m from Vietnam. I’m currently in the US for studying purpose. I’ve learned that you are interested in interior design, so I thought I could write and introduce to you a little bit about our company: Minh Hai Ceramic. We producing ceramics and potteries in a very small, historical and traditional village. Our products are very suitable for using as decoration with unique vintage designs and very reasonable prices. If you’re interested in study more information, please contact me at: and visit our website:

    Vi Nguyen

  5. hi sarah, congratulations on your honeymoon and wedding. great pictures and it looks like you had a lovely time. that’s where i spent my honeymoon as well. cheers!

  6. Kara said

    Wonderful site. Glad to know a fellow Bostonian has such impeccable taste!

  7. Deborah said

    I enjoy your site Sarah!

  8. collin said

    hey sarah, great to run into you on the flight last week. took your advice and went to the whale shark feeding. it was awesome, thanks for the tip.

    couldn’t find an email on your site, so here’s a post. hope your trip went well! keep in touch.


  9. Patrick said

    Great job on the blog. The pics are awesome! Always nice to share inspiration with the world. Keep up the great work. ~ Patrick

  10. Jeanne Zalesky said

    Hi, Sarah,
    I have so enjoyed looking at your beautiful work. Would you be able to take some photos of our little family this spring? Call or email me when you have the chance.
    Jeanne Z.

  11. Leiha said

    Hello, Sarah!
    Great seeing you the other night. Might I retain you to take photos of Billy? If you have time over the next few weeks before you are recovering, we’d love to work together! Send me your cell number and I’ll give you a buzz:)

    • sarahwinchester said

      Absolutely! So glad to have your e-mail. How about sometime next week (June14-18)? Billy is adorable.

  12. Tess said


    I just stumbled on your blog from elements of style. I’m so jealous you’re going to brimfield! I love your blog and I’m excited to see pics from brimfield.


    • sarahwinchester said

      Thanks Tess. Glad to have you reading. I can’t wait for Brimfeild! It will be my first time there!!!!

  13. Michael Kahn said


    I am very interested in finding out more about your Spinone Jake. I am on the search to buy a Spinone, and in the mail arrives the new Orvis the dog book with this great looking spinone on the cover. I had to find out who the owner was and find out the breeder you bought your dog from. Please email me back.

  14. Sarah! You may not remember me from the Castleway Lane days … but I saw a comment that you made on Darby’s site (she went to Auburn with my little sister) — and I had to follow to see if this was “the” sarah winchester!
    would love to see pics of katie! i scrolled thru to see if I could find some ….

    still in Atlanta … so is most of the whole family!

    hope your family is all well!!

    • Sarah Winchester said

      So fun! Love the old Castleway Lane days. Katie is quite shy about the whole blog world, so I try just to keep it about her sweet puppy. I’ll e-mail you on your blog.

  15. Great pictures! I am always interested in photography and all the angles you can shoot. Being in the event industry, this is one aspect I had a desire to pursue, but due to early onset of “bad eyes” and having to wear glasses just to see my typing, is not good!!! LOL. Have fun in whatever your passion is.

    Check out my blog too! Would love some feedback too!


  16. Kristen said

    Hi Sarah!
    I love your Nantucket album! I work at the brewery where I’m currently updating our website and would love to use one of your photos for our home page with a link to your blog. Please send me an email when you get a chance.

  17. cecilia said

    Love your blog. I just came across it bc I’m just about to post a few photos on my blog of Cisco Brewery and wanted to ask permission to use a couple of your photos in my blog post for tomorrow (Fri- and I realize, it’s already tommorrow). I don’t want to use any of your photos w/o permission, so I’ll check back try to avoid, however, if I do, I will credit you and provide a link to your blog. If you disapprove, please let me know, and I’ll take the photo down. Thanks for your consideration!

  18. cecilia said

    Sarah, Thanks for your comments!:) and for letting me use your photos! I’m looking forward to seeing your website!

  19. Hi Sarah,

    I found you site by accident searching for something related to Spinone and just happened to see “Jake the Spinone” so thought I’d take a look. Enjoyed your site and blog your photo’s were beautiful and of course I’m drawn to the Spinone your cover of Jack on the Orvis catalog was so sweet it’s alwasy neat to see a Spin on a cover:-) I live in Indiana my husband and I are owned by 6 Spinone that range in age from 10 yrs/3yrs we love this breed and looks like you do to.



    • Sarah Winchester said

      So glad to have you on the blog. Love that you are “owned” by your Spinonies. They are a special special breed. Jake is actually my sister’s but I feel like he is part mine. The best I can do since I live in a small Boston apartment:). Hope you frequent back in my blog.

      • Ok, I did see that I can understand about the sm apartment we are lucky to have a small 80 acre farm that is all in grasses that we can run the dogs and with six they need to run:-) May I ask what you sister’s name is and who she got her Spin from. I know several breeders out your way changes are I’ll know them. Our first three go back to lines of Guido Malandruccolo from Canada who passed away several years ago we have since gone on to breed Zola/Guido breed and have kept 3 pups out of her Ozzie,Cira and Pia.

        Great chatting,


  20. Dorothy Gentile Huston said


    I came across a post on facebook and followed it to your blog. WOW! So many amazing adventures and what an eye you have. I hope you and your husband are doing well and your family in Atlanta too! It was wonderful to see you at the reunion and I can’t wait to get updates on your blog.

    All the best,

    • Sarah Winchester said

      Hey Dorothy,
      So great to see you last October too! I am so glad you like the blog. Gotta love the interwebs as an amazing way to stay connected with people. I hope you are doing well too.


  21. Whitney said

    Hi there,
    I came across your blog thanks to Freshly Pressed and really enjoyed reading and seeing all of your excellent photos.

    I also have a blog that is sort of a creative outlet as well so I’m glad to find another similar one. I love reading about what inspires people and finding inspiration myself.

    Anyways, awesome blog! Just wanted to share that with you:).

  22. Hi Sarah,

    Also owned by 2 Spinone, 4 year olds, one brown roan male and a white and orange female … and I shared your beautiful pic’s of the Orvis cover of Jake with all our Spin friend around the world via FB and the FB “Spinone Group” page … you, your sister, and brother in law instantly became our hero’s after capturing so much of the essence of this rare and wonderful breed in that shot. Although diverse, we are a tight knit group by our devotion to them because of all they so sweetly offer us unconditionally. Orvis by now knows of the legendary bird hunting skills that date back 500bc … I wish you and your husband (Jake and his peeps) the best of luck in your new adventure in N/E … Just wanted to say thanks again (I do get and read your blog now) … love your eye, and taste in decor and art … be well mon amie … Jim Rotchford

    • Sarah Winchester said

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I cannot wait to tell my sister and brother-in-law. Spinonie’s are truly a special breed, kind, intelligent and handsome for sure. I am thrilled to have you reading the blog. Expect more Jake photos soon:) We are spending a great long weekend with them this Labor Day.

      P.S. Orvis was enamoured by Jake and the Spinonie. Such a great dog.

      • My pleasure Sarah, simply acknowledging your gift and talent, and giving credit where credit is due. And through sweet Jake, we all now have you WALKING ON WATER … lol … I specialize in Historical Restoration and all that surrounds it in art and architecture, so much of what you capture intrigues me anyway … your eye, and approach is quite refreshing in a sea of juxtapositions, or … actually I just like it all … please invite your Jake and the gang to join the Spinone Group on FB … and as a thought, a Calander is produced here and in the UK of the often hilarious, comical and sometimes muddy/dirty Spinoni doing their thing … perhaps Jake would like another cover shot? Be well, and have a safe trip home, and give jake a hug from his fans when you see him … Jim

  23. sorry, sarah, doing the email check box after the fact

  24. Hello Sarah,
    I don’t remember how I came across your blog, but I have been following it for a few months. As I share your passion for photography & all things beautiful, I started a blog recently. I enjoy seeing the work of other photographers who are bold enough to share their experiments with the camera. Thank you for sharing.

    Michelle Knight


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