Garden of Veggie Delights

July 22, 2014

When we purchased our new home last year the thought of having a yard again thrilled me.  My bungalow in Atlanta had a great yard, but since moving to Boston 5 years ago I have been with out a green space of my own.  The long winter had me plotting and planning what to do with our space beginning back in February, but I knew I needed keep things simple  I am by no means master gardener and didn’t want to be spending hours upon house a week tending to a high maintenance garden.  But I love the idea of my 2 year learning all those blueberries she loves to eat don’t just come from Whole Foods.  Enter the help of my extremely knowledgeable and talented sister-in-law, Melissa Winchester.  Melissa owns and runs, The Savvy Hen, an urban farm and feed store in Boulder, Colorado.  You may remember us going out there last summer for the grand opening.  Well, she not only has the worlds most darling stop (a must visit of you are in the Boulder area), she also consults and helps plan backyard gardens complete with sketched layouts and plant picks ideal for your growing zone and yard orientation.  (North, South, East, West, etc.)

We started to process by me emailing her they types of fruits and vegetables we like to eat.  No sense on growing beats if you are never going to eat then.  I also attached photos of our yard in the noon day sun so she could help me orient our garden beds.  (I found these pre-cut, hardware included, super easy to put together flower beds…again I am a novice gardener with two young children.)  Then she drew up some plans, a “shopping list” and we were ready to go.

Note: We started off a little late in the growing season, due to the arrival of baby boy, but still have gotten wonderful results.

IMG_9521 IMG_9532

Garden-1-2    IMG_9844

Garden-1-1  IMG_9852

These are the gorgeous plans Melissa designed for us.



Here are the amazingly detailed plant recommendations and notes.  Girl knows her stuff!





Sarah's Garden Plans Sarah's Garden Plans Sarah's Garden Plans Sarah's Garden Plans


Feel free to call or email them with your own garden questions or concerns.  They are a wealth of knowledge.  Oh and they do e-garden planning for anyone…not just lucky sister-in-laws.


1908 Pearl Street Boulder, Colorado 80302

Phone : 720-502-6187

Open 11AM – 6PM Tuesday – Friday

Open 10AM – 5PM Saturday & Sunday

Closed Monday



4 Responses to “Garden of Veggie Delights”

  1. Maria said

    Hi Sarah, love your blog and photography. Just wanted to mention that I have always heard it is best not to plant a vegetable garden too close to a house, especially an older house, due to concern of soil contamination by lead and other heavy metals. Maybe you already looked into this or had your soil tested, but thought I would write as the beds look like they are near the foundation.

    • Sarah Winchester said

      Thank you so much for your concern. We actually had the whole backyard resoiled, graded and seeded. We suspected the former owners use to park cars back there as it has lost of gravel in the dirt and were concerned about car oil. We also laid down a barrier and have special soil just for the beds. But your comment is good for all and I completely agree. Thank you so much.

  2. Maria said

    Wow, you have done extensive work. I was mainly thinking about paint flaking or water dripping/splashing off the home. I guess I have a lot more research to do regarding our property. Thanks.

    • Sarah Winchester said

      Haha, the chipped paint on our back porch stairs may not show it, but we have done a lot inside and out. Trying to wait one more year befire tackling an outside paint job. Soooooo expensive.

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