Salvaging some hope/doors

November 6, 2013

Along with all the beautiful 130 year old hardware our 1880’s home has the most gorgeous, solid wood, 5 panel, ladder doors.  (They really don’t make them like this anymore.)  Sadly over the years, so of the original ladder doors were replaced with composite material doors found at many of the big box stores, and they look cheep and out of place among the originals.  So armed with door measurements I made my way the 70 miles south to New England Demolition and Salvage located in a huge warehouse in the old fishing town of New Bedford, MA.

Needless to say they had a few old doors.


I sifted through every single five panel door and of the 5 I needed I found 2.  Not bad I guess considering how specific the sizes and styles were I needed.  Not I have to sand and prep them for painting and install.

They had every other type of door as well.

Not to mention every old lock, knob, bath tub, and sink imaginable.  It was amazing to see all these old house parts in one place.  Every one came form a different home, story, life.IMG_3713lowIMG_3717lowIMG_3718lowIMG_3722low

One Response to “Salvaging some hope/doors”

  1. Carina said

    Great find! My 1880’s house also has original wood doors that need some maintenance. How to you strip all the old lead paint off the door?

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