On the Go

October 29, 2013

Since we have come back form Paris things have been non stop.  If I haven’t been on a photo shoot, I have been coordinating that last parts of our renovation.  The dumpster should leave within the week as well as the majority of our workers.  Then it is just some little things here and there and then of course the whole issue of furnishing this house…but whose keeping track.  Anyway, in lieu of a proper (long over due) post, here are some snapshots of my last few weeks.  Photos all via iPhone.

Went to a Red Sox playoff and World Series game (spoiled girl.)

IMG_2074 IMG_2094

Had shoot, after shoot, after shoot…It’s great to be busy.


Worked on these large scale photographs, printed on acrylic.  Soon to be for sale in a limited run.  IMG_1976 IMG_1977

Here is one hung in the studio.  We are talking 4 feet by 6 feet!  I am loving these, but still working with my printer on the best output and hanging options.


Then there has been the house.

This happened…black room, antler chandelier, marble fireplace surround.  Check, check, check.  It is my favorite room in the house, and it is the Library all for my hubby.


Oh and the kitchen got tiled!  Love.


And we painted these window panes black.  Love, love love! IMG_2133

And this gorgeous Jonathan Adler chandelier is going up in the dining room as I type.


And we did find some time to just hang around.:)IMG_2073

A proper post later.  Cheers and Go Red Sox!

Oh and I love this look.  Cranberries straight from the can and all.  Follow her on Instgram @ecmothdesign  She will make you life look boring and ordinary.  Love her.


One Response to “On the Go”

  1. cecilia said

    Sometimes, I feel like these are the greatest types of posts….right from your iPhone (coming from someone who has no time to Instagram!). And I love your line, “She will make your life look boring and ordinary.” Can’t wait to check her out!

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