Paris is all things – Part I

October 9, 2013

Our trip to Paris was absolutely wonderful and just the mental check out we needed. Paris is just so…Paris. To be cliche, it has that je ne sais quoi…it can be so many things. Paris can be romantic and serene, brilliant and bright, moody and secret. I had one friend put it so well, Paris is one of those places that seems to live up to all it’s hype and reputation. We happened to be there during fashion week (total coincidence I swear…truly) and I expected to be wowed by the Paris Fashion week scene. Oddly enough, it was the quieter moments and places which really inspired: The Louvre as the galleries emptied out at the end of the day. A quiet, uncrowded cafe at dusk. Sunday in a residential Arrondissement. Paris in it’s quite moments, seems to have so many secretes to hide and stories lying beneath.

Quiet cafes and time to think.

Paris (1 of 1)

Paris (2 of 38)


IMG_2729 Paris (4 of 38)

The streets of the Latin Quarter at dusk. Just as the tourists have left, before the students descend into the bars and jazz clubs

Paris (6 of 9)

Paris (7 of 9)

Paris (1 of 9)

High a top Notre Dame, watching the busy streets below. Paris (23 of 38) Paris (24 of 38)


The Louvre at closing time.

Paris (25 of 38)

Jardin De Luxembourg on a rainy Monday morning.

Paris (27 of 38)Paris (28 of 38)

Paris (29 of 38)

As I dive back into reality full force (hello home renovation, studio move and photo shoots) I mentally take myself back to the quite moments. Paris I love you.

2 Responses to “Paris is all things – Part I”

  1. LOOOOOOOVE them! It’s been more than 2 years since I came home but my heart jump into my throat every time I see pictures of Paris and I feel so homesick for a place that was barely my home!!! I guess I will always have a visceral reaction when I see it:)

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