Oh J.Crew, You so Cool

May 2, 2013

I have resorted back to ripping things out of catalogues old school style, then photographing them with my iPhone.  A little ass backwards I realize, but sometimes it just works.  Especially for J.Crew.  They really seem to knock it out of the styling park when it comes to their catalogue, now called a style guide.  I usually do a quick flip through the print copy on the kitchen island as the hubs plops down the mail.  The most recent issue was chalk-full of styling ideas for shorts.  For some reason, outside of the athletic arena, shorts are always a challenge for me but I am loving these ideas.  Now bring on the beach!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

2 Responses to “Oh J.Crew, You so Cool”

  1. Keri Cole said

    I loved the “style guide” – always do. And I just ordered and received the Carrie silk cami. It is gorgeous in poppy, but I don’t know how to wear it – or any of these lovely minimalist silk tanks that are so au courant – from a… um… foundational garment standpoint. I can’t scandalize the village. Any suggestions?

    • Sarah Winchester said

      Haha. “Scandalize the village.” How very Scarlett Letter:) I know, I love the silk camis but usually wear them under a blazer. I think the key is to have balance. Pair it with some wide leg jeans and flip lops for casual, hot summer look. Very hippy, very Vermont😉

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