The Bee’s Knees

April 24, 2013

The urban Fort Point neighborhood in which my studio is located just keeps getting cooler and cooler.  When I found studio space here a few years ago there was virtually nothing down here.  Just a bunch of old warehouse buildings.  Now we seem to be getting one hip restaurant after another.  When I popped into newest kid on the block Bee’s Knee’s Supply Company, I went into visual stimulation overload.  I love love love the chic rustic look.  I love all the products and fancy sandwiches.  While it is not your cheep neighborhood deli, it is a gourmet wonderland pulling from the foodie shops of Napa.  I couldn’t help but return with my camera.


BeesKnees-1 BeesKnees-2 BeesKnees-3 BeesKnees-4  BeesKnees-6

Eek!  They even carry my friend’s wine!!!!


2 Responses to “The Bee’s Knees”

  1. Mandy said

    Your photos are beautiful!

  2. Great pics! I adore thie place…just ate the gnocchi the other night, that I bought there… yum!

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