Perfectly perfect.

March 12, 2013

I have become a bit of a Monica, organized neat freak in my adulthood.  A fact that makes my mother laugh to no end, since as a child I defined cleaning my room as shoving everything into my closet. Volià room clean!  But not any more. Unorganized drawers and closets stress me out to no end, not to mention make it impossible to find anything.  So my goal this past weekend was to organize…Let’s just say there is going to have to be a part II to this blog post.  I was able to tackle the bathroom medicine cabinets, but that was about it.  I spent much better use of my time by going to the Children’s Museum, waking in the park and finally watching Argo.  So this spring organization post it to be continued…

Here are some “before” pics of my super messy jewelry and accessory drawers.



Here are some of my dream, uber organized spaces.  Hoping to inspire me for some more spring cleaning this weekend.


(Clockwise: The Galamori, The Galamori, Jenna Lyons home for Domino, Lonny, Lonny.)

2 Responses to “Perfectly perfect.”

  1. Keri Cole said

    I was *just* thinking, begrudgingly, that I should use this rainy day to organize the closet and bathroom – now I have to! The universe insists, apparently…

  2. Georgina said

    I am the exact same way! When I moved into my place six months ago my parents exclaimed “It’s SO clean!” I was a bit miffed lol. Best of luck in your organizing endeavors, I have a great deal more to do myself xo

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