Winter light

January 29, 2013

When the cold temperatures hit I sometimes find myself wishing for the sun and warmth so much, I forget to realize how beautiful winter can be.  Striped of their leaves, trees become almost like sculptures and snow covered ground reflects the light in hues of cool blues and purples.  This past weekend we headed up to Maine for a little winter wonderland weekend.  The days are even shorter up there as the coastline creeps eastward, but the low sun and quite forest are spectacular.  Bébé (almost 1 year old now and not so “bébé) loved my sister’s big sweet dog and being pulled around in her sled on the crunchy snow.  I need to remember to enjoy winter for what it is and not wish it away for spring.





One Response to “Winter light”

  1. Eleanor said

    Beautiful as always. Jake is such a majestic dog – I love when you share pics of him!
    I can’t believe your little angel is almost 1 already….it flies too fast.

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