Horses, horses, horses, horses…

January 4, 2013

I love horses.  Always have, always will.  As a 5 year old I was so convinced I was going to get a pony, that after a very vivid dream one night, I got up and searched the house for the pony I was sure my parents were housing in the garage.  Alas, no pony for me, but I still love to ride and I love to visit stables.  Sea Island has one of the most beautiful stables I have every seen and the other day I took my little girl (almost 11 months old now!  Eeek!) to go see the horsies.  She LOVED it to say the least.  Looks like we have another little girl horse lover on our hands.



IMG_9313 IMG_9342 IMG_9321

Who doesn’t love a little equestrian style interior and fashion?  I know I do!  And for all things horses my favorite blog is Horse Country Chic.  Ann really knows her horses…and style.  Here are some of my favorites found on Pintrest. (Sorry for the pitiful photo credits.  It is so hard to track them down via Pintrest…please fill in if you know a photo credit.)

133841420147803785_YxCBKQ9U_c 144396731772053006_vxcHeTPr_c

House Beautiful144818944237844119_HMQ26gxD_c 180144053814344233_yXZ4UM19_c 194921490091694585_DENrNlp7_c 199425089719005108_oLyy8vJ9_c 257408934923256196_bSx0ATT7_c 283937951476376740_cKWApkKm_c 20969954485514283_L9sZ37nl_c 52635889364511922_V0gSPyVx_c 113012271868892924_oplCN4Qz_c luxury-home-design-ED0909-BADGLEY30-0098-lgn

Elle Decor  luxury-home-design-ED0909-BADGLEY30-0103-lgnElle Decor

3 Responses to “Horses, horses, horses, horses…”

  1. Kelly said

    Is your title a “You’ve Got Mail” reference? If so, I sing that in my head all of the time!

  2. "Occam Blade" said

    Brings back wonderful memories when one of our daughters was on the Mt. Holyoke College equestrian team. Nicely done!

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