The Hangover

January 2, 2013

We returned to Boston late last night from our wonderful week a the beach and reality hit this morning at a brutal and arctic 18˚F.  Six bags of luggage and laundry need attending too as well as all the work I ignored last week, not to mention our pitifully empty fridge.  (String cheese and bread and butter pickles will not be an appropriate lunch for bébé.)  So as I attempt to face reality, I am happy to reminisce about our fabulously New Years Eve dinner.  My mother organized the most glamorous, gorgeous, family dinner ever!  We had the entire wine cellar at The Cloister hotel for our own private family dinner.  Candle light lit the cellar and reflected off of the mercury glass candle holders.  Flowers filled mint julep cups, and the wine…oh the wine…It was all very Downton Abby.  We talked about favorite places to travel and dream places we wanted to go.  Silly movies, favorite books and family stories.  A ridiculously fabulous way to end end an amazing year.  Thank you mom and dad.

IMG_9346 IMG_9350 IMG_9353  IMG_9367

And one of my favorite rooms at The Cloister hotel:


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