A Year in Pictures

December 31, 2012

It is kind of amazing to have the ability to look back at my year, by simply scrolling through my blog posts.  As expected, 2012 was a whirlwind year.  Due in no small part to the fact that last February our family became +1 with the addition of our beautiful baby girl.  On top of becoming a mom I had the opportunity to work with some amazing clients, shot some super cool photo shoots (Hello DeCordova shoot for Louis Boston), sat front row at a New York Fashion Week fashion show, and my studio was featured on the The Everygirl (which subsequently was named one of Forbes top 10 websites for Woman.)  What does 2013 have in store?  Some I know, some I hope and some I have no idea (often the best parts).  I hope you all have had a beautiful holiday season and I wish you all are truly wonderful and happy new year.



Here is no particular order (except for baby, she is obviously number one on the list) are some highlights of my year.

 theeverygirl_sarahwinchester_8 theeverygirl_sarahwinchester_9 tibiss2013web-6 tibiss2013web-16 tibiss2013web-19 tibiss2013web-20

img_1940 img_1894 img_1886


twopennyblue_june212012lowres-29 twopennyblue_june212012lowres-185 twopennyblue_june212012lowres-1031 twopennyblue_june212012lowres-1581 louisfallfashion2012_oct2012highres-208filter-1024x682 louisboston_jan2012highres-189 louisboston_jan2012highres-67  bostonholidaybloggershighres-79 img_0615sm


 img_5485 img_5468

 photo-11 photo-5

photo-51 img_8137

photo-3-copy magnolia

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2 Responses to “A Year in Pictures”

  1. mycasita said

    Happy New Year from a new follower and avid reader of The Everygirl!


  2. Jessica said

    What an amazing year!! So proud of you as always:)

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