What the what?!?!

December 12, 2012

So the other weekend, while bébé was napping and the hubs was on the sofa fighting off the stomach virus I so thoughtfully passed onto him, I saw a Pinterest contest over on my friend Cassandra Lavall’s blog, Coco+Kelley for the online shopping site Taigan.  I thought, what the heck, why not do a little fantasy shopping with the hopes of winning a $500 gift card.  Then last week I got an email telling me I had won!!!!  What the what?!?!?  $500 to go shopping on Taigan all for me…errrr…I mean to do some Christmas shopping.  I still don’t even know what to get but my wish list has spent the $500 already and then some.  Here is what I “pinned.”


1. canoe (way over $500 but so pretty) 2. necklace  3. earrings  4. gold leaf box  5. horse trays  6. ceramic elephant  7. Louis Vuitton portfolio (another one way more than $500)  8. luggage tag  9. Equipment sweater  10. Vogue, The Editors Eye book

2 Responses to “What the what?!?!”

  1. Jessica said

    I vote ceramic elephant or Vogue book!

  2. Taigan.com said

    Love all your picks – thank you again for entering our contest! We’re so excited how happy you are to have won. Happy Shopping and of course Happy Holidays! Best, Taigan Team

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