Weekend plans

November 30, 2012

Now that I am on the living side of the worst 24 hour bug/flu I can ever remember having (special thanks to my amazing mother-in-law for coming over yesterday to take care of bébé while I lay in bed), I am sooooo looking forward to the weekend.  I plan on gathering some Christmas decorations (we are getting our tree next weekend and the Hill House Christmas tree sale) and pairing a little Christmas shopping and dinner out with my hubby Saturday night.  I hope you all have wonderful weekend.

(Don’t you just love the city all dressed up for the Holidays? – photo from 2011 but I will have more)


3 Responses to “Weekend plans”

  1. the garland and ribbons go up this weekend on Charles st..:) Can’t wait to carry parcels! (a word I only use at Christmastime)

  2. Eleanor said

    I’m glad you are feeling better. What a lovely photo….Boston blows my mind time and time again!

  3. Emily said

    There really is not a better time to be in the city than Christmastime! I quickly ran to Newbury St the other day for coffee pods at Nespresso. I ran across the Public Garden right smack into a filming crew (10 years ago this never would have happened, now it happens monthly!). I am usually in the S End, which is also very festive but there is something about Beacon Hill and the Newbury St area that is especially magical at this time of year!

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