5 Best Things

October 8, 2012

I was pretty pitiful about blog posting last week, but inspired by the uber chic Stacy Kunstul and her series on the 5 Best Things she sees each week, here is a quick recap of the 5 best things I saw last week.  (In no particular order.)

1. Fashion Presentation inspired by the art of of Os Gemeos at The Institute of Contemporary Art

Looks styled by Louis Boston, Riccardi, and Serenella

(iPhone pic)


2. The lanterns outside Trade in Boston

I had dinner at Trade with Cassandra Lavalle of Coco & Kelley and Julieann Covino of Create Girl, and noticed these lanterns as we were leaving. Don’t they look like the lanterns outside the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence!?!?!


(iPhone pic)


Florence (photo from my trip last October)

(SLR pic)


3. Corporate head shots

Not exactly crazy exciting, but I am thrilled at any new photo job and little niche of business.  Plus I love having new and different people in my studio, from hair, make-up and models to businessmen in suits.  Gotta make them look good for LinkedIn.

(iPhone pic)


4. and 5. Bébé

She gets two places this week.  We had a family fun weekend filled with pumpkin patches and play grounds.

(both iPhone pic)


Happy Monday!  Especially to those of you who have it off!

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