Weekend Update

September 17, 2012

I have a cold, baby has a cold, and although we had a great weekend, we have the Monday morning yucks!  I’ll have a better post tomorrow., but for now, here are s few iPhone morsels from our weekend.  One the upside the weather in Boston is absolutely beautiful.  Not too hot, not too cold with a little crisp in the air…the prefect fall weather.

Street festival in Beacon Hill


Bloody Marys with the Melissa and Doug crab.


And the most gorgeous weather.

P.S. One the iPhone side…iPhone 5 comes out next week!  Yay!  My contract is up and I am totally getting one.  The question now is do I switch from AT&T to Verizion or Sprint.  I am not at all impressed with my AT&T service, but just how much better is Verizion or Sprint…can any Boston people give me their feedback?  Thanks.

4 Responses to “Weekend Update”

  1. I’m looking into the iPhone 5 as well. I have been with Sprint forever and never had any major issues with them using it around Boston and the North Shore. They also offer unlimited data as well as a cheaper plan than the others. Good luck!

  2. KC said

    Verizon- no dropped calls ever.

  3. Pam said

    AT&T is better for international travel.

  4. Ally said

    I definitely have been happier with my service from Verizon since switching from AT&T.

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