Life as I know it.

August 30, 2012

With all my beach postings you might think my daily routine consists of sand and sun.  While fortunately, my beach days have been quite numerous this summer we have also settled into a baby/mommy/parent/work/life routine.

Here is how we seem to spend our days:

• Walks in the park

• Studio time/Photo shoots

• Trying to be domestic (I am even making baby food!  Sounds all impressive but it is really just mushing up stuff)

• More walks

• Unsuccessfully avoiding the macarons at Sportello

• More studio time/photo shoots

• Having a night out

• Watching the days get shorter as summer turns to Fall

• And not believing my little one is almost 7 months old!

Random note: macaroon v. macaron (always get them flip-flopped, but love both cookie the same so who cares.)

4 Responses to “Life as I know it.”

  1. cecilia said

    You learn something everyday. I didn’t realize that there was a difference in the spelling of macaroon v. macaron! Thanks for the random note.

    • Sarah Winchester said

      You’re welcome. Haha. I’d love to pop down to Hingham in the coming weeks and see your studio. I’ll email you.

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