It is the little things

August 31, 2012

That sometimes make me so happy…like a perfectly organized supply cabinet.  Especially when you live in 850 square feet.


Disclaimer: Yes I know I am still using incandescent light bulbs and probably killing baby polar bears as I type, but the garish glare of LED light bulbs accost my aesthetic sensibilities.  If anyone knows of a LED brand that does not give off the industrial glow of an Eastern European block interrogation center, please, please, please let me know.  The photographer in me is at odds with the environmentalist in me.  Fortunately we live in a super sunny apartment, so most of the day they are at peace.

Life as I know it.

August 30, 2012

With all my beach postings you might think my daily routine consists of sand and sun.  While fortunately, my beach days have been quite numerous this summer we have also settled into a baby/mommy/parent/work/life routine.

Here is how we seem to spend our days:

• Walks in the park

• Studio time/Photo shoots

• Trying to be domestic (I am even making baby food!  Sounds all impressive but it is really just mushing up stuff)

• More walks

• Unsuccessfully avoiding the macarons at Sportello

• More studio time/photo shoots

• Having a night out

• Watching the days get shorter as summer turns to Fall

• And not believing my little one is almost 7 months old!

Random note: macaroon v. macaron (always get them flip-flopped, but love both cookie the same so who cares.)

Hello Fall!

August 29, 2012

The other week I photographed some new Fall accessories for Louis Boston.  They have recently revamped their website to include large high res photography and I just love it!  You really get the feel of the velvety cashmere, buttery leather and shiny jewelry.  Here are some photos from our shoot now on the Louis website


Diaper bag for me?…


Opal is my birthstone and this ring was out of this world!


How perfect is this ring on this box?!?!  I couldn’t resist photographing them together.


I just want to dive into this pile of really expensive scarves!


Beautiful menswear.

Weekend Update

August 27, 2012

Yes, it is once again, time for another installment of “Weekend Update.”  If you are sick of seeing photos of the beach and ocean then I suggest you tune out from this blog until after Labor Day, because I will be eking out every last minute of summer.  This past weekend we visited friends in Duxbury, ate lobster, played on the beach, swam off the dock and got pile drived by an over eager yellow lab…the later just happened to me and was totally my fault.  I mean, in the la la land, coastal town of Duxbury, one should just expect a yellow lab to be following you everywhere, especially if you jump off a dock in the the beautiful blue ocean waters.  For more on why I love Duxbury see my earlier post this summer, here.


Next weekend…Maine to see the sis, so prepare for more gratuitous beach shots.

Last night my friend and PR guru, Francesca Desforges, put together a fundraising event at Boston’s 21st Amendment for The Claddagh FundDropkick Murphys member Josh “Scruffy” Wallace (My husband tells me he is “the bagpipe guy”)  guest bartended to help raise money.  I happily booked a babysitter, had a drink or two with friends, and snapped some photos of the event.

On a location note: The 21st Amendment is this great old Boston bar right across from the State House.  I love the old brick and dark wooden beams.  Very colonial and very Boston.

Last Days of Summer

August 24, 2012

As we are nearing the official end of summer and kids are going back to school, I realized I hadn’t shared these images from my dinner party a few weeks ago.  My building seriously has the city’s best roof deck and I wanted get some of Lawrence McRae’s new line of votives in action.  They come in an array of gorgeous colors: mint, sapphire, chartreuse, and saffron, and they make the most gorgeous shadows when lit.  He will be selling them on his website soon, but I was lucky enough to get to borrow some.  I wanted to try and setup a proper photo shoot, but ended up having too much fun with my friends.  Nothing says summer more than evening cocktails outside.


What may seem like a straight forward photo shoot…i.e. photographing the interior of a home…has a ba-gillion different moving parts to consider: lighting, gear, people, no people, not to mention styling.  Nobody lives in a photo ready home, so a little styling and arranging is always in need.  Here is a little behind the scenes shot of our photo shoot last week.

(Oh and not to mention last minute having to take bébé with us, hence the stroller and diaper bag.  Thank goodness my client was also a close friend otherwise super intern Jacalyn would have had to stay at home babysitting on her last day.)

World’s best intern

August 20, 2012

It is a quiet day here at Sarah Winchester Studios as on Friday we bid adieu to our fabulous intern Jacalyn.  Best of luck to her as she returns to school at Villanova University!  Here she is, doing what she did best…a whirl of multi-tasking, photo assisting, set styling and generally making me look better.


Vacation remains

August 15, 2012

A few extra images from our wonderful beach vacation on this Wednesday.


Loggerhead turtle nest

Photo consult

August 14, 2012

From time to time I do photography consultations for business in order to help them set up in-house product photography studios for online stores.  Let’s face it, product photography can be time consuming and boring.  While I am happy to do it for clients (I won’t turn down a money paying gig), I love helping them set up their own system.  It is more fun to work with a client, and allows them to create a system so they can update products for their online stores at any time.

I have been working with the ladies at Twelve Chairs for a few months now and the other week I went over to see the new studio.  I was so impressed with their set-up.  They listened to everything I had said and more!

Photos by Intern Jacalyn

Their online store is almost ready to go, so check back.


And if you live in Boston, pop by the shop.  It is located in the same neighborhood as my studio, the Fort Point district, right near the new seaport area.

The store:

So much has been built in this area over the 1 1/2 years I have been here I can’t believe it.  Best of all the hardware store on the ground floor of our building just turned into a wine and food shop!  Thank you little infant baby Jesus for answering my prayers.


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