Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

July 26, 2012

Last week the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum hosted an evening for bloggers and I was lucky enough to receive and invite!  The museum is one of my all time favorites and recently went under a renovation and expansion. Unfortunately, my little one came down with a fever (teething time) so I sent my super intern Jacalyn and her friend.  Here is there account of the evening at the museum.  (I am soooooo jealous they got to see the the former apartment space occupied by Isabella an unopened to the public.  Lucky ladies!)


We were so lucky to have special permission to photograph the entire property. Let me tell you, the artwork and architecture of this house is incredible! The museum staff has done an amazing job preserving Mrs. Gardner’s art collection and personal property.

The courtyard is the central focus of the house (for good reason, its gorgeous!) and every room in the house can view it.

The Tapestry Room is a main attraction in the house, everything is original to Mrs. Gardner’s collection and they have tried to recreate the set up that she enjoyed. Previously, this was used as a concert hall however with the new addition it has stopped being used for that purpose.

Something that I noticed a lot of throughout the house was intricately detailed chairs.

The museum has just completed a huge project which added an entirely new wing to the building. Instead of making the addition look similar in style to the original house, they chose for their new addition to have a more modern style. The goal of this style was to have lots of glass and windows so the focus stayed on Isabella Stewart Gardner’s residence.

5 Responses to “Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum”

  1. anne said

    My favorite museum – I always find so much inspiration in the details.

    So jealous that your team was able to photograph it – were they able to snap any photos of the apartment?

  2. Hi Sarah … hope the baby, you and husband are doing well, so sorry you missed that event … beautiful Tapestries … a little history: one of the images you will often see in European – Italian/French fabric/textiles from the medieval and renaissance, to the ever popular Toile prints is the “dogs” in common Village and/or Nobles/Ceremony scenes … these are the original stock, often griffon breeds that we now know as the Spinone Italiano and the French Wire Hair pointing Griffon … and our now famous “Orvis” cover dog … lol … more often they portray the brown/roan versions

    • Sarah Winchester said

      Yes! I have seen them in the Louvre in tapestries. I think they use to have longer tails. Such an amazing breed.

      • james rotchford said

        I can send you a collection of renasance art and tapistries that have them in them … most US Spin have there tail docked still … my brown roan Rufus who we lost to epilepsy in Jan was from the UK and had a full tail and looked just as you see them in the old paintings …

    • Sarah Winchester said

      Love it. Yes. I remember seeing them in many tapistries in the Louvre.

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