Churchill and White

June 29, 2012

For over 20 years, Charles Street in Beacon Hill has been known as antique store heaven.  Over the past few years many have relocated or gone completely on the web, but there is still something about walking into an antique store and seeing these unique items in person.  I think that is why I love Brimfield so much.

Last Saturday my aunt and I popped into one of may favorite antique stores on the street, Churchill and White, and the owner, Carol, was absolutely beside herself.  With no notice, the owner of the building sent her a letter saying she had to be out by Aug 31st.  After almost 15 years in the space and never being last on rent, Carol and her shop were out.  Apparently the owner decided to give the space to a make-up company…please dear God don’t let it be a Sephora.  Charles Street is the main street of Beacon Hill and still maintains beautiful historic charm.

Churchill and White has some of the most beautiful turn of the century English, Italian and Chinese antiques.  We are talking the real deal here.  Sadly the shop needs to be cleared and Carol is taking major markdowns on these unique pieces she has spent years curating.  I returned with my camera to snap some images of the shop and items.  If you are in Boston this summer I highly recommend visiting this store before it is gone.  The pieces are amazing and true antique gems.


Staffordshire dogs galore.


Silver, silver, silver.  A southern girls dream!


I love the idea of using a silver toast rack as a mail organizer.


And silver liquor plates.  Love!  So Mad Men.  My grandfather had these.


Enough blue and white porcelain to “sink a battleship” as Carol said.


This one is called a peony ginger jar.  How perfect!


Not to sound too old fogey, but they don’t make things like this anymore.


Possibly the worlds most perfect gold sunburst mirror.


Her collection of tortoise shell jars is exquisite.

This is just a snipit of what she has so feel free to pop in, call or email her.

Churchill and White

122 Charles Street Boston, MA 02114

(617) 367-0917


One Response to “Churchill and White”

  1. nancy1p said

    So sad to hear that it has to close! I absolutely love Charles Street and it is so sad to hear that one of the great stores with great charm has to move out!

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