Bonded Pair

February 24, 2012

Some of you blog readers may remember last year my husband and I went with the New England Aquarium on a collecting trip to the Bahamas.  It is wonderful to see many of the fish we collected thriving in their new home and educating visitors.  Steve and I actually collected this exact pair of banded butterfly fish.  A fascinating fact about butterfly fish is they are monogamous, having a single partner or are a “bonded pair.”  When collecting any butterfly fish we had to collect both individuals of the pair and never separate them during the collecting and transportation process.  Other wise the butterfly fish would not thrive in their new home.  The romantic in me loves this idea of a bonded pair.  Especially since I have found the other half of my pair in my wonderful husband.

Here is a video of the pair we collected in their New England Aquarium home.  We nicknamed them, Sarah and Steve (note: this is not their official New England Aquarium name:) )

video: New England Aquarium, diver Chris

Some favorite images from our trip…ahhh…dreaming of warm tropical waters..

  Hope you all have a happy happy weekend!

One Response to “Bonded Pair”

  1. What an awesome opportunity! And Sarah and Steve are so cute:)

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