Winter Break

February 22, 2012

Much of New England is on winter break this week and it seems New England has gotten a full break from winter this year.  Out my window, onto my sliver of a view of the Boston Public Garden, I can even see the faint whisper of lime green buds.  I know a hard core New Englander would warn my southern spring optimism with a stern…”It is not over yet,” but I cannot help but get excited for the promise of spring.  It is my favorite time of year.

As my hubby strapped on the Baby Bjorn this weekend I grabbed my camera as our whole new little family went for a walk in this mild February weather.


3 Responses to “Winter Break”

  1. Lindsey said

    I share your optimism, even though I’m a born and need Bostonian. What amazes me most is the way each year spring’s coming surprises me anew – shouldn’t I cease to be amazed and startled by something that happens ever year? I sort of hope I never stop feeling that wonder, actually.

  2. Eleanor said

    The way the birds are chirping every early morning has me believing it is right around the corner. They are simply singing Spring!!!!
    I love every season equally for the beauty each brings, but there is something very special about the newness spring holds.
    Can’t wait to see pictures of little Miss Gorgeous!

  3. cecilia said

    Really cool photo of the sunlight over the tile. I love to walk through Boston in the Spring – it really lifts the spirit and feels so exciting! So hard to explain, but your photos get me jazzed!

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