Winter Solstice – Scandinavian Style

December 21, 2011

On this day of the Winter Solstice and shortest day of the year, I am reminded of the strange cold beauty that can be winter.  Although we have yet to see real amounts of snow here in Boston (of which I am TOTALLY okay with) the long shadows that start early in the afternoon, bare trees, and lichen colored grass have a bare beauty of their own.

My friend Jessica Sutton totally exudes that white blonde, winter chic, Scandinavian style.  Here she is from a quick photo shoot we did yesterday.


P.S. Also thinking of my friend Gabrielle who is back in her home country of Sweden for the first time in 3 years this Christmas.  Merry Christmas girl!

3 Responses to “Winter Solstice – Scandinavian Style”

  1. For the first time this winter we had snow today ! And it has been such a beautiful day, snow and sunshine at the same time ! I just love the winter light here in Scandinavia…however I see that you have quite the nice weather in Boston as well !:)

  2. Eleanor said

    Oh my goodness….that looks like my Bailey! In the first picture he almost looks like a stuffed animal!!!

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