Recipe for White Chocolate & Peppermint Bark

December 20, 2011

I have gotten a few requests for the White Chocolate & Peppermint Bark Recipe from the previous post.  It is super easy.  I order my chocolates and peppermint from Cake Art in Atlanta you can order online or call and order via the phone at 770-493-1505 but you can probably buy them lots of places.  That is just where my mom always gets them.

• Ck Products – Merkins 1 lb. White Chocolate
• Ck Products – Candy crunch Peppermint Red & Green 1lb

I typically use 5lb of white chocolate per 1 lb of peppermint.

• Use a double broiler to melt the chocolate. I don’t have one so use a 2 inch or so deep pan with some water.
• Heat the water to almost a boil. Then place a 2 quart pot in the pan of water.
• Place the white chocolates in the pot (I only heat up about 1 1/2 lb at a time).
• Stir until the white chocolate until smooth and creamy.
• Pull off stove and stir in peppermint
• Pour the chocolate onto a cookie sheet
• Place cookie sheet into freezer for 10 min (line the cookie sheet with wax paper helps)
• Break into pieces and eat or share :)

I hope this helps.


3 Responses to “Recipe for White Chocolate & Peppermint Bark”

  1. Katie said

    Yum! It’s a bad sign that as I read this, I am eating chocolate…

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