September 7, 2011

This past weekend we headed up to the beautiful town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine for one last dose of summer fun.  My sister set up this wonderful sunset cruise with Lucky Catch Cruises.  We boarded the vessel with our wine and cheese fully expecting a little cruise around the bay, but the captain and his crew soon had us donning lobstermen aprons and gloves…this was clearly going to be a working cruise.  We hauled up lobster pots, measured and inspected our catch and re-baited the pots, all with cocktail in hand.  It could not have been more fun!










Working hard…


I cannot recommend this excursion and the people of Lucky Catch enough.  It was fun, silly, educational, basically the perfect activity for every age.  They operate well into the fall so if you have a Maine foliage trip planned, I highly recommend some time on the sea as well.  It was a bast.

2 Responses to “Lobstermen”

  1. This sounds (and looks) amazing! What a fun trip! Did you get to eat the fruits of your labor, too? Amazing photos, as always! xo

  2. cecilia said

    Love the photos of the gloves and bucket of fish. Would be a great pairing hung together! Agreed (with Radiant Republic) – amazing photos!

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