Equestrian Style

August 31, 2011

Growing up I was that little girl who LOVED horses.  I was always begging my parents to let me take ridding lessons, go to horseback ridding camp and (here is the big one) buy me a horse.  I had one instructor tell us ridding pupils to make a deal with our parents…we would buy the horse if they would pay for everything else.  A bargain if you have ever seen the cost of taking care of a show horse.  My parents never fell for that deal and I was never close to an Olympic rider of any sorts, but I loved all my lessons, and despite a pretty bad horseback ridding accident while jummping a few years ago, I love ridding and I am proud to say that riding a horse is on my list of can do’s.

To my delight I had the pleasant surprise of happening upon the Boston Equestrian Classic Demonstration held in the Boston Commons last week, and all my little girl love of horses can rushing back.  Horses are just so regal and beautiful and the gorgeous leather and shiny brass accessories that go with show jumping are a dream. Thank goodness I had my camera on me.



Being Boston, the Stanley Cup naturally had to make an appearance.

One Response to “Equestrian Style”

  1. Cool! I love watching English shows… where I live it’s all cowboys and rodeos, and that’s really not my speed. I do wish those first two riders would fasten their chinstraps so those helmets would actually do them some good, though.😀

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