Stuck in Canada

August 10, 2011

Oh my dear, sweet blog.  For almost 2 weeks I have neglected you.  I blame travel, summer, preparing for an apartment move  (mentally decorating) and work.  So much going on, but that is no excuse.  I have so many beautiful new photos from my recent travels to Whistler and Vancouver, Canada…in fact I am still trying to get home from there now.  (Stuck in Vancouver for another night.)  So until then…I am still dreaming of this beautiful view from Whistler.

Photo by Steve (the hubs)

2 Responses to “Stuck in Canada”

  1. Being stuck an extra night in such a beautiful place doesn’t sound too shabby.
    However, with all that you have going on at home right now I am sure this is the last thing you need.
    Safe home and good luck with the move!!!

  2. Keri Cole said

    Well, it must be a small consolation that your hair looks fabulous!

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