Equestrian Style

August 31, 2011

Growing up I was that little girl who LOVED horses.  I was always begging my parents to let me take ridding lessons, go to horseback ridding camp and (here is the big one) buy me a horse.  I had one instructor tell us ridding pupils to make a deal with our parents…we would buy the horse if they would pay for everything else.  A bargain if you have ever seen the cost of taking care of a show horse.  My parents never fell for that deal and I was never close to an Olympic rider of any sorts, but I loved all my lessons, and despite a pretty bad horseback ridding accident while jummping a few years ago, I love ridding and I am proud to say that riding a horse is on my list of can do’s.

To my delight I had the pleasant surprise of happening upon the Boston Equestrian Classic Demonstration held in the Boston Commons last week, and all my little girl love of horses can rushing back.  Horses are just so regal and beautiful and the gorgeous leather and shiny brass accessories that go with show jumping are a dream. Thank goodness I had my camera on me.



Being Boston, the Stanley Cup naturally had to make an appearance.

“Come on Irene”

August 29, 2011

Okay, so I know the song is actually Eileen, but I had it in my head all weekend.  We decided to head to the Cape to stay with some friends (in a very secure off the water home) to visit and watch the pending hurricane.  Thankfully all went well and Irene was fairly kind to the Boston and Cape Cod area.  I did have to pop down to the ocean a few times to see nature in action.  It was quite impressive.


The calm before the storm

Old Silver Beach, Falmouth, MA


Irene approaching

Dennisport, MA

I hope everyone else on the east coast weathered it safely.

The Great White North

August 25, 2011

So finally after settling in a bit from our move, recovering from travel and catching up a bit on work, I have processed and edited my photographs from our trip to Whistler and Vancouver, Canada.  Prior to this trip I had never been to the Pacific Northwest region of the world, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to explore a place I had never been.  Let me tell you, the mountains of Whistler did not disappoint.  In fact they exceeded any expectation I may have had.

Formed by volcanoes and located in that infamous pacific ring of fire, the coastal mountains making up Whistler are spectacular.  They rise up straight from sea level in Vancouver to almost 7500 feet, capped year round with snow and glaciers.  I can only imagine this is a hint of what the Himalayas look like.  The air felt cleaner, the sky bluer and water crystal clear.  I am already plotting how to get back there in the winter with my skis.  That mountain is amazing.



Sunday Farmers Market in Whistler


The yummiest most gorgeous cherries I have ever tasted




We tacked on a couple of nights in Vancouver before our journey back across the continent.  The city was beautiful and full of great shops.  Just look at these adorable Eames rockers for children.


Beautiful Chinese gardens with an unexpected resident


In short, if you are contemplating a trip to British Columbia…book it!

I have been doing some great fun photo shoots for the style page of Stuff Magazine and realized amid the business of summer, I have neglected to share some of that work. Here is the most recent shoot I did for their “Welcome Back” issue.

Boston is truly a city changing season to season and I love that about it.  Summers are filled with tourist as the locals empty out each weekend to the Cape or Islands, but with the approach of September 1st, the city starts to fill again with students.  It was particularly fun to do this backpack photo shoot in my studio.  I even found an old teachers desk and chair!



Canada photos coming soon…I really promise this time:)

The ALLY Foundation

August 16, 2011

Well, I are back from beautiful Whistler, Canada and moved to a new apartments yesterday.  Needless to day I am digging through mounds of work, boxes and editing massive amounts of photos from our trip.

While I pick and choose the perfect Whistler photos in which to share (soooo many), I had to share some photos from a charity event we went to this weekend, The ALLY Foundation annual Flip Flop Regatta.  The ALLY Foundation was established in memory of Alexandra Nicole Zapp, who was murdered by a repeat sex offender.  The Foundation, founded and run by Ally’s mother and stepfather, has a mission to prevent opportunities for violent sex offenses, to educate the public and advocate for necessary changes in culture, attitude and policy. My husband has raised money and run the Boston Marathon for The ALLY Foundation four times.  We have come to know Ally’s mother and step-father quite well and support the foundation when ever we can.  (For me that is going to events…not running 26.2 miles.)  So sorry for this sad post, but I had to share.

The evening event kicking off the Flip Flop Regatta (or as Rachel from Friends would say…a Regatta Gala!) was beautiful and although I was only equipped with my iPhone, I had to share some photos and this wonderful group.

The evening on the water was beautiful.


Ally was a preppy girl at heart, so it is fitting the foundation colors are pink and green.


Stuck in Canada

August 10, 2011

Oh my dear, sweet blog.  For almost 2 weeks I have neglected you.  I blame travel, summer, preparing for an apartment move  (mentally decorating) and work.  So much going on, but that is no excuse.  I have so many beautiful new photos from my recent travels to Whistler and Vancouver, Canada…in fact I am still trying to get home from there now.  (Stuck in Vancouver for another night.)  So until then…I am still dreaming of this beautiful view from Whistler.

Photo by Steve (the hubs)


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