Monday morning you sure look fine.

July 25, 2011

Well, we survived the blistering heat wave that engulfed the north east this weekend and welcomed a breezy, slightly cloudy Monday morning with open arms.  For the weekend we had my god-son in town, and we had a blast showing him Boston, despite the sweltering heat.

I had wanted to do a “tourist in your own city” photo blog post today, but I could barely manage to lug around my SLR this weekend in the 100+ degree temps.  I’ll have to just leave you with a little play-by-play of our tourist weekend in Boston.


• Airport pick-up

• Walk to the North End, see outside of Paul Revere housr

• Dinner in the North End at L’Osteria – authentic, side street, mom & pop type Italian place.  Dinner in the quaint North End is a must for any Boston tourist.

• Improve comedy show at Improv Asylum (great fun)

• Gelato and walk home


• Breakfast sandwiches at home (yum!)

• New England Aquarium (go see all my biologist and fish friends, was also nice and cool)

• Walk a bit of the Freedom Trail home

• Walking tour of Beacon Hill (Only mediocre this of the weekend.  Tour guide was about as exciting as dry white toast…we skipped out early)

• Walk to Cheers and despite god-son being 18 years old and never having seen Cheer, bought him a cheesy t-shirt

• Walk in Public Garden, so pretty

• Dinner at Beehive in South End (Delish and fun live music playing.  Walking in this place just makes you feel cool.)

• Dessert at the Top of the Hub.  (Totally a touristly thing to do, but with the best views of the city you can see why.)



• Drop off at the airport after a fun filled weekend.


2 Responses to “Monday morning you sure look fine.”

  1. Sounds like fun!
    We are all discussing a Salem trip this fall and taking the ferry across???
    My brother has all the details worked out in his head.

    I hope all is well and glad to hear you too survived this awful heatwave!

  2. I like the of “tourist in your own city”… You could get your fellow bloggers to share their cities…I live in Honolulu and am constantly giving out suggestions to friends visiting etc….think it’s fun to read from others…

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