Rejuvenation Station – Maine Edition

June 21, 2011

So after my wonderful Friday night with Eleanor from Shopping the Closet and her daughter Ryan the hubs and I decided to skip all the Bruins Stanely Cup parade madness (over 1 millllllllion people were supposedly there, ugh) and pop up to beautiful, peaceful Maine.  My sister, another Georgia girl who married a New Englander,  has lived in Maine for almost 13 years.  I feel so lucky to have her so close by now, and so lucky that she lives in such a beautiful place.

Saturday started out a little overcast, developed into a crazy quick thunderstorm complete with golf ball size hail, and then turned into the most beautiful evening.  We had a delicious dinner at Havana South and then walked around the Old Port.  The Old Port is just that, Portland, Maine’s old colonial, shipping port.  The old warehouses and cobble stone streets are teaming with some of the best restaurants on the east coast, as Portland had become quite the foodie town.  I have found the majority of the restaurants in Portland use as much local food as they can find, even printing from which farms and farmers the food is grown/raised.


Sunday was the most glorious Maine day.  We tooled around on their little boat hopping around to the islands in Casco Bay.  Reading on the beach, antique shopping in tiny island antique shops, eating ice cream and hamburgers…am I 8 or 80?  A bit of both I think.

2 Responses to “Rejuvenation Station – Maine Edition”

  1. You once commented on one of my posts. Brilliant Victorian hinges and pulls! I’ve also moved out to New England. Excellent antique and vintage finds out this way. Best regards!

  2. Keep in touch! I’m going to be posting more antiques and vintage items. 19th and 18th century American furnishings will be posted on my blog in the near future. I also have some very nice 18th century Primitives from Europe coming soon.

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